Divorce Guide

Divorce Guide

Can we get divorced without going to court?

You should learn how to stay out of courtroom while you have made a decision to divorce. You can make the best of a bad situation of your divorce. It is not necessary that your divorce should be ugly. You can discuss things with your spouse.

To get a divorce that does not go to court is entirely up to you and your spouse. You should keep in mind that you and your spouse should keep your divorce in your control. Only in this condition can you avoid going to the court for divorce. You should look beyond any reason for the divorce and focus on the best during your divorce. You can go in for minimum damage and this will help both the parties in a long run. You can settle the differences without causing any financial hardships and emotional turmoil. You can get an amicable divorce and it is not necessary for the two of you to be good friends. You will have to listen, analyze and negotiate your way for a mutual divorce agreement.

  1. You can convince your spouse to settle issues.
  2. Spare the children the emotional turmoil of testifying in the court
  3. You can eliminate all the court costs
  4. You can reach a settlement you both are happy
  5. You can file your own divorce documents
  6. Develop an settlement agreement document
  7. Collect all the documents and information a divorce professional needs

Rules governing divorce vary from state to state and you will have to check the divorce laws in your state. You can go in for online divorce information. In case you and your spouse agree to the terms and conditions you have discussed getting a divorce is very easy. You will have to decide some things regarding the house, division of assets, child custody, child support, etc. you can take help of a property appraiser for this. You can evaluate things and then divide them among yourselves. Only make sure it is all documented and signed so that it can be produced when the need arises.

When you both are pretty civil, you need not go to the court for a divorce. In any case, you will have to file the case in the court and you can hire a lawyer for this. Since you have done all the paper work and have already reached an agreement, you will have to pay the minimum fees to the lawyer. You will have to pay the court house fees or the filing fees. This kind of divorce is very cheap and you do not have to pay lawyers of both the parties, fight in the court and waist money over things. You can file the papers through your lawyer and both of you can sign the papers at home. Some couple even file the papers through mail.

Many states require to participate in mediation, arbitration or any other alternative dispute resolution in case you do not want to go to a court for a divorce. Resolving your issues without going to a court will cost you less money and will also ease any emotional issues. You can go in for collaborative law that uses two attorneys and the four of you can agree in writing that the case will not be taken to court.

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