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Are online divorces trustworthy

Are online divorces trustworthy? Are online divorces legal?

Online divorces are designed for simple situations. Online divorces are legal. In case your divorce is complicated, it is advisable to hire a lawyer. Online divorce is for uncontested divorces. In case of uncontested divorce there are no issues. Both the parties are in agreement and have made a decision to separate amicably. The issues are solved between the spouses. These issues may include house, assets, visitation, child support, child custody, alimony and also pets if involved.

An uncontested divorce may be filled and filled directly and an attorney is not needed. Online divorce is economical as the service cost is less. It is an excellent choice for couples with low income and cannot afford an attorney.

  1. It is easy to file for an online divorce in case there are no children involved. It is also easy where there are no or few assets. Online divorce services usually use the interview style questionnaire. They ask you to fill all the details of your divorce situation. If you are filing for an uncontested divorce, you can file for child support, alimony, child custody, and other things.
  2. When you fill the form and pay the required amount, your data is sent to divorce service to prepare paper work in state specific forms.
  3. The most important legal processes in a divorce is forms and paper work. The completion services will then prepare the required paper work according to the state and federal guidelines. Many a times the forms are incorrect and it may create problems in DIY divorce. These services ensure that the paper work is correct and legal. It decreases the problems faced in getting divorce.
  4. The papers are then send to you so that you can sign them, get them notarized and filed.
  5. Notarizing the divorce papers is an important step. Notary is a person authorized by the state to certify the documents. The signature and stamp of the notary are important before you file an uncontested divorce.
  6. After the paperwork is done, you are not required to appear in the court for any reason. There may be an exception in a case where the judge may need to speak to one or both parties involved. It depends on the circumstances of the divorce.
  7. Online divorce services are not legal counsel and do not act as attorneys. They are designed to just help people who represent their own selves in their own legal matters.

Online divorce sites help you fill the state specific divorce forms. These forms are accepted in the court of law. This is so as they the forms are checked for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and see to it that the final paper work is formatted as per the requirement of your court. These online divorce services are cheaper compared to the hourly rates of divorce lawyers.

Online divorce are not for those who disagree and have issues related to divorce. They are suited only for couples who agree on the basic issues and want to separate assets.

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