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Free Texas Divorce Petition

Once you make the decision of filing divorce, a situation like lack of funds for filing can be a problem. Filing for divorce in Texas is expensive. Most of the couples stay together simply because they cannot afford to get divorced. However, in Texas, there is facility of filing free Texas divorce petition which helps to cover the expenses associated with divorce. You can file for divorce for free when you are in need of finance.

Texas is a no fault state where you can mention simply: 1) irreconcilable differences in the marriage or 2) living separate for 3 years or more.

Process of Filing Free Texas Divorce Petition

You can download the divorce papers simply sitting at home. You get these documents at a local law library website. You get these documents free of charge. Make sure you print these papers. You should determine if your case is going to be contested or uncontested. If issues of children or finance are involved, you need additional paperwork to be filed. You can request the law library in person to get the printouts of the form.

Finish the paperwork. Fill up the necessary details of you and your spouse. If you have trouble in filling up the forms, you can refer to the law library for assistance. There are explanations and suggestions provided to make you understand the proper way to filling each page.

You can also apply for legal aid. Consider seeking legal aid if you find your case a bit complex. You will find variety of legal service centers in Texas that offers divorce advice to low income residents. The Legal Aid Society, Lone Star, Austin bar Association are few Legal Aid services.

Visit the bank where you have to make the paperwork notarized. Most of the Texas divorce documents must be notarized.

Make sure you submit an application for indigent status. Get the Application for Determination of Civil Indigent Status form from the local courthouse. Provide information about your finances and property. You have to prove that you do not have enough income to pay the filing fee.

When the application is approved, the fee will be waived. And you can then file your divorce petition.

Tips for Filing Free Texas Divorce Petition

You have to write the following words in the legal Texas documents:

  1. You have to use these words in capital : TEXAS, IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF COUNTY, JUDICIAL DISTRICT
  3. Mention the word "Petitioner' Where "P" should be capitalized.
  4. Mention the word "Respondent" where "R" should be capitalized.

Filing free Texas divorce petition is not a difficult job if you are well aware of the Texas laws and conditions. You can save time and money for a consulting lawyer if you decide to file the petition on you own. Along with the form, you have to file other documents like:

  • Annulment
  • The uncontested process in Travis County, Texas
  • Modification Kit and Paternity Kit
  • Affidavit of Inability to Pay Court Cost
  • Default Judgment Kit and General Affidavit
  • Original Answer Information Sheet
  • Expunction and Occupational Driver's License
  • Legal Notice and Service by Posting Kit
  • Service by Publication Kit and Substitute Service Kit
  • Serving the Document and the Certificate of Service

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