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Divorce Petition Costs

Divorce petition costs depend on the financial situation of both the spouses planning to get divorced. Legal aid scheme is also available in few states for people who cannot afford the court cost. It means that the state pays the majority of the lawyer’s costs. You will have to pay the petition cost at the time of filing the divorce. The cost varies as per the state’s law and court’s process. You can enquire about the petition cost from the county’s clerk where you are filing for divorce.

If you are filing the petition with the lawyers help, cost of the lawyer is also included in the petition cost. If you are filing the petition on your own, lawyers cost can be avoided. The county fees for divorce petition are set by the courts which vary. If your spouse has hired a lawyer and filed divorce petition, or filed it without a lawyer, you can contact a legal aid for advice. These services are offered for free to those who require.

Prior of filing for divorce, make sure you meet the residency requirements of the state where you are filing the petition. Also, keep the proof for grounds ready on which you are filing for divorce.

Along with the divorce petition costs, there are other costs also involved in filing divorce. You can purchase the forms from the county’s clerk or you can get it for free online. If you are filing for divorce, you have to pay a service charge which is also included in divorce petition costs. According to online websites like divorce service or legal zoom, the filing fees vary from $100 to $350. Along with the divorce petition form, you also get free kit of information on filing divorce.

Sometimes the court will also offer you the petition form for free if you cannot afford the divorce petition costs. You can also file for waiver of service, if you find that petition form expensive. Contact your lawyer or court’s clerk who can provide you with these forms.

Most of the spouses think that filing for the petition is all that they have to do to get divorced. However, issues like property division, alimony, child support and custody should be also included. In case if these issues are not solved, the divorce process will take time. And the cost of solving these issues will also be charged which gets added in the divorce petition costs.

If parties cooperate and solve the family issues before filing for divorce, the divorce petition costs will also get reduced, as the cost of petition depend on issues to be solved. If issues of children are involved, you also have to purchase petition form D8A for which you need to pay. Along with the petition cost, you will also have to pay for other legal papers and your lawyer’s fees. To save time and money during divorce process, you can get the divorce forms and papers online. Make a good research of the legal websites providing the forms at cheaper cost.

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