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Washington State divorce paperwork

In Washington State divorce is officially known as “dissolution”. Washington is a state of no-fault divorce, which means spouses don’t have to say why they are filing for divorce. Couples have to simply state that their marriage is “irretrievably broken”. This means that their marriage has permanently broken down and there is no hope to save it. Although the grounds are simple but Washington State divorce paperwork can be a matter of concern.

In order to file for a divorce in Washington one of the spouses must be a resident of the state or a member of any armed force stationed in the state. It is compulsory to fulfill this residential requirement or else you will not be eligible for filing a divorce in Washington State.

Steps to file Washington State divorce paperwork:

  1. You are required to complete a petition for Dissolution, a vital statistics form, Confidential Information Form and a Summons to file for a divorce in Washington State. Almost all forms are available on Washington State Courts Website. The vital statistics form is filled in the clerk’s office at the time of filing for divorce. This form is used for state records where you fill in details of your spouse and yourself. These are simple biographic information like full name, both of yours address, date and place of marriage, children if any etc.
  2. Find out if you require any supplemental forms for your case. In some countries a cover sheet is required to be filled to clarify your jurisdiction.
  3. Submit all the completed forms and documents to your country courthouse of jurisdiction. For filing, you need to produce the original signed forms to the clerk. Keep copies of these documents to serve on your spouse.
  4. It is mandatory to pay a certain amount as filing fee while filing for divorce. The fee varies from country to country, but lies somewhere between $200 and $250. There is a provision to waive the fee, in case it is unaffordable to you. But you need to check for this with your country clerk.
  5. Once the filing of Washington State divorce paperwork is done, next you need to serve them on your spouse. A sheriff or a professional server can do the same. You can also ask your friend or relative to serve your spouse.
  6. In Washington a cooling off period lasts for 90 days. This means that after 90 days of filing divorce papers the divorce gets finalized.

    Filing of all divorce cases must be on official and legal Washington forms. Printed forms are available at Washington office of the Administrator. Separate forms are required to be filled for property, alimony, Spousal support or any other divorce related matter. If children are involved then forms for child support, child custody and visitation must be filled.

    Along with the petition, spouses must also file a Washington Department of Health Certificate. There are certain local court rules also which are needed to apply for dissolutions of marriage. These are found in Washington Local Court Rules, Rule 94.04. The Washington State divorce paperwork totally depends upon the type of divorce the spouses are undergoing.

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