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Uncontested divorce paperwork

In U.S, almost 50% of all marriages end in divorce. The emotional turmoil associated with divorce is inevitable. Divorce process is time taking, complicated and expensive. Couples who don’t want to get indulge into the intricacies of divorce may go for an uncontested divorce. Such a divorce is easy and quick. Moreover uncontested divorce paperwork is simple and can be performed by your own.

There are many contesting issues in divorce such as division of property, alimony, spousal support, child support, child custody and visitation. Uncontested divorce can only occur if the divorcing parties have resolved these issues. An agreement need to be signed by spouses that a settlement has already been made on divorcing issues and both of them agree for an uncontested divorce.

Uncontested divorce paperwork is the next matter of concern. Divorce is a legal procedure and you cannot avoid the paperwork. Forms and documents for an uncontested divorce can be obtained from colleges and universities (for students) or from legal aid offices. Online uncontested divorce forms are also available.

Filing of Uncontested divorce paperwork:

  1. To begin with the legal proceedings, obtain uncontested divorce forms. You can furnish such forms from legal websites like uslegalforms.com. These forms can be downloaded for free or you can also visit your state specific judiciary website and click on the “self help link” or on the “form” directly. Forms are also available at your country courthouse. You can collect it from the clerk of court.
  2. Fill the forms. The person filling petition is known as petitioner and the spouse is known as respondent. You are required to provide your personal information in the forms. This includes your full name, complete address, telephone number etc. Corresponding information about your spouse is also needed.
  3. Select a valid ground for your divorce. There are many states in U.S that allow for uncontested divorces. States like New York requires that divorcing couples must live separate and apart for a period of one year if they don’t have a statutory ground like cruelty, abandonment or adultery.
  4. You must make 3 copies of your form. Keep one set for yourself, file one with the court clerk and serve one set to your spouse. The serving can be done by a sheriff or an independent contractor. You can also do it by yourself via certified mail.
  5. Pay the filing fees. These fees differ with states and are mandatory.
  6. You need to wait till your cooling off period ends. This period can be from 30 to 90 days depending on the state and its divorce laws. The judge approves your decree as the cooling off period gets over.
  7. Receive your final divorce decree from your country Clerk of Court. After your divorce gets finalized a notification is sent to you by a certified mail. A copy of the same is sent to your spouse.

Divorce is never easy. But with mutual consent of the parties such a messy affair can be avoided. You can file uncontested divorce paperwork by yourself without an attorney and can get it finalized without a trial.

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