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Texas divorce paperwork

When a couple decides to untangle their bonds of marriage then divorce comes into play. Divorcing couples need to undergo lots of legal procedures to get their divorce finalized. Texas law also follows specific rules for divorce. To get legally divorced in Texas spouses must carefully fill and file Texas divorce paperwork.

Forms to be filed for Texas divorce:

Order for property to be awarded to petitioner:

An Order for property to be awarded to petitioner form is required to be filled by the divorcing couples. This is to ensure that all property possessions and items involved in the divorce are correctly divided among the parties. Anything that comes under the title property like household furniture, collectibles, art objects, appliances etc must be listed and included in this form of Texas. This makes the Texas divorce process fast.

Order for debts to be ordered to the petitioner:

All couples divorcing in Texas must fill the form called the Order for debts to be ordered to the petitioner. The divorcing spouses must list all their accrued interests and balances that are due. Any obligations to the petitioner must also be listed in this form.

Standard Possession order regarding children:

A Standard Possession order regarding children form is required to be filled by divorcing spouses who have at least one child from their marriage. According to the Texas Family code’s Section 153.311, the primary residence of any child or children involved in the divorce filed must be established by either of the parent. Both the parties must complete this form and state that which party will have child custody and what will be the days and timings of the other party for child visitation after the divorce is over.

Order for spouse to provide health insurance:

Texas divorce paperwork also includes a form called Order for spouse to provide health insurance. Texas divorce law is quite concerned for the child or children whose parents are getting divorced. So it is mandatory for divorcing couples having children to provide quality health insurance to them. This form states that the spouse providing child support must also provide health care insurance. Any unpaid amount of the child or children’s health care must be paid within 10 days of filing this form by the party providing child support.

Filing for Texas divorce paperwork:

  1. Hire a lawyer if both the divorcing parties are not in agreement on divorcing issues. Else you can file divorce papers by yourself.
  2. Meet the residential requirements of the state.
  3. File for a Petition for divorce with the country clerk and then serve your spouse.
  4. Decide on the matters like property, child custody and visitation etc with your spouse.
  5. All the divorce papers must be in order while presenting them in the court. Try to avoid making any mistake in the papers. Error free divorce paperwork will fasten your divorce.

After filing for Texas divorce paperwork, you need to wait for a period of 60 days. This is known as cooling off period taken by the court to decide on your case before giving a divorce decree to you.

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