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Florida divorce paperwork

In Florida, divorce paperwork is vital just like in any other state. This state maintains an online self-help center from which you can download divorce forms according to your requirement. This privilege is made available to reduce the difficulties in obtaining divorce forms by the citizens. Petition for divorce is the initial paper required to start a divorce but there are other legal papers and documents also which are needed to be submitted.

Florida divorce paperwork:

Petition: Petition is the document that informs the court about your intention of getting divorced. Couples who donít have children from their marriage and no disputed property can use form 12.901a. While couples having children or disputed property can use forms 12.901(b)(1), (b)(2), and (b)(3). In the petition you are required to mention your marriage date, duration of marriage and birth dates of your children from the marriage. A notarized petition must be filed along with the Family law cover sheet, form 12.928 and other forms as described below in the country court where either of you have resided for not less than previous 6 months.

Marital Settlement Agreement: Forms 12.902(f)(1), (2) and (3) are versions of the Marital Settlement Agreement. Depending on whether you have children or not or any disputed property, you can use any of these forms. This agreement acts as a legal proof on the terms of divorce (like alimony, child custody and visitation etc) on which both of you have agreed. In case your spouse contests the divorce, some or all the preferences in the agreement may get modified.

Financial Affidavit: At the time of filing you must attach a financial affidavit to the petition. If your income is more than $50,000 per year, you can use form 12.902(c)(2) otherwise form (c)(1). You are required to itemize all your income and expenses in your financial affidavit.

Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and the Enforcement Affidavit:

Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and the Enforcement Affidavit and the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet are necessary to file if you have minor children to your marriage.


A document showing your identification must also be provided while filing. The document can be your Florida driverís license, voterís registration card or Florida identification card. In case you donít have any of these, Form 12.902(i) must be submitted. It is an Affidavit of Corroborating Witness that verifies your identity.

Summons and Affidavit:

Summons is the document that actually initiates the process of divorce. You need to serve this document on your spouse along with an approved copy of petition. After rendering the service, the petitioner must complete and file the affidavit of service. The affidavit is a confirmation for the court that the service has been rendered.

Florida divorce paperwork is quite lengthy and complicated. You can take help of an experienced lawyer while preparing such papers. The probability of committing mistakes also gets reduced when a lawyer guides you. Divorce papers filed without mistakes get processed at a faster rate.

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