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Divorce Guide

Colorado springs divorce paperwork

Colorado Springs divorce paperwork is important and quite lengthy. There are many forms needed to be filled according to the instructions provided. It is necessary to file all papers in proper order.

Filing of Colorado Springs divorce paperwork:

  1. People divorcing in Colorado Springs can ask for divorce forms from their local court. Generally these are packaged together.
  2. Couples are required to fill the relevant forms. A particular order should be maintained while filling these forms. You will need to fill a JDF 100 form, where questions related to you as a couple is asked. This information is not released in public. A JDF 1101 form is also required to be filled, in which you ask the court to formally end your marriage. Both the parties have to sign at the bottom of this form. Form 1102 is a summons. In this form, fill the caption and select that you are requesting for a divorce. No need to sign this form. FCF 400 and FCF 700 are two other forms which are required to be read and signed by you. In case you are having children, complete an FCF 900 form which contain details that how the children will be parented.
  3. Make at least two copies of all the completed forms.
  4. Take the forms and its copies to the clerkís office. The clerk sign and retains all the original forms and documents and sign your copies. They also sign and return the original summons so that it can be served to your spouse.
  5. You may hire a sheriff or a professional server to serve Summons to your spouse. If you are undergoing an amicable divorce, then sign the acceptance section of the summons.
  6. Make copies of summons for your own record.
  7. The summons must be filed with the court. Disclosure forms must also be completed. Form 35.1 provides details about your bank and credit card balance and also the tax returns. JDF1111 and JDF1111ss focus on your assets, liabilities, income and expenditures. JDF is the certificate of compliance.
  8. A copy of disclosure forms and certificate of compliance must be submitted in the court. The disclosure forms should also be served to your spouse.
  9. For an agreed settlement fill out a JDF 1115 form. For parenting plan, fill a JDF 1113 form and a JDF 1820E is needed to be filled for a child support agreement.
  10. Within 40 days of meeting of meeting the clerk you must attend the initial status conference. This is done to check that all the forms are in order or not.
  11. If you donít have children, file all the above forms after 90 days of the conference held. Within a fortnight you will receive your decree and your divorce will be final. You need to follow the next two steps in case you donít have children.
  12. Fill form FCF 105, to state that your case is uncontested. File all the above documents along with FCF 105 with the court.
  13. Attend your hearing. Date and time will be notified to you by letter. Take all copies of your documents. Judge may ask you questions related to your divorce and agreements. On being satisfied the court will furnish you your decree.

    Colorado Springs divorce paperwork is complicated. Taking professional help is always a good option.

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