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California divorce paperwork

Divorce is a daunting experience. It becomes more intimidating when the paperwork associated with divorce comes into play. California divorce paperwork is inevitable. For a smooth and hassle-free divorce in California one needs to perform the divorce paperwork very carefully.

But what is the need of this paperwork? A simple answer to this question is that every legal document and form has its specific purpose. These papers contribute to show the court that the divorcing parties had put all their efforts to abide by the law in order to get divorced.

California divorce paperwork begins with the filing of the divorce petition. The petition is filed in the local courthouse. This document informs the court that there is an irreversible breakdown of marriage and the parties want to legally depart their path of lives. It also tells about any proposed agreements undergone by the couples on divorcing issues like alimony, child custody, property disputes, child support and visitation.

Family law summons is the next form required for divorce. This document notifies the other spouse that the divorce forms have been filed with the court. Within 30 days a divorce response must reach to the court by the respondent. Not only this, the divorcing couples are also required to exchange a set of divorce documents that furnish details of other’s current employment status, gross monthly income amount, tax filing category and general household expenses. The “Income And Expense Declaration” is the technical name given to the form, which shows the financial circumstances of each spouse.

Additional forms are required for a complex divorce or a divorce in which children are involved. California law also requires the petitioner to serve the papers to the respondent through a third party server. If the divorcing couples are undergoing an uncontested divorce then they need to sign a declaration for the same and file it with the court. This declaration is a proof that the divorce is taking place based on mutual agreement of the couples.

How to fill California divorce paperwork:

  1. Obtain the required forms from the country clerk of courts. Use a pen to fill the forms completely. Avoid crossing out any information or else your form may get rejected. Make 2 copies of each form.
  2. The completed forms need to be filed with clerk of courts. The forms get reviewed and if there are no mistakes, they are marked as filed. Specific filing fee has to be paid. The amount differs with states.
  3. Serve your spouse either through a family member or hire a process server. The individual needs to fill a proof of service forum after serving the papers. The server should be more than 18 years in age.
  4. Make 2 copies of proof of service forum and file them with the clerk of courts.

After completion of all the document trades when the court gets satisfied, that everything is in order, the final judgment is passed. Now California divorce paperwork is over and the judge signs the divorce decree stating that the couples are divorced legally.

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