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Arizona divorce paperwork

In Arizona divorce process is defined as “dissolution of marriage”. Like every other state, Arizona also has very specific and defined procedure for divorce. Lot of Arizona divorce paperwork and issues needs to be worked out to get a divorce in this state.

In Arizona, divorce is granted on the grounds of irretrievable breakdown of marriage. It is not required to explain why the marriage should end. The divorcing couples have to state that there is no chance of reconciliation and they want to separate their path of lives. Filing of divorce papers in Arizona becomes easy if couples are in agreement on matters like debts, assets, property and children.

Arizona divorce paperwork:

  • Dividing assets and debts: A legal division of assets and debts is mandatory in divorce. The court possess right to decide on who will get what. Any property owned prior to divorce or inherited during marriage is considered as a separate property according to Arizona’s divorce law. However, the assets accumulated during the marriage will be distributed between couples by the court. If couples agree on the division of assets and debts by themselves, the court approves it. In such case the individuals may write up a “Separation Agreement”. This agreement is like a contract between divorcing parties and must be approved by the court.
  • Forms for child custody: When children are involved in a divorce, special care is taken by the court to decide on child custody and child support. The main focus is on the best interest of children. Few factors that are considered while taking such a decision are the child’s preference (if any), how the child will best adjust to home and school, parent’s wishes, which parent care more for the child, any evidence of neglect or abuse, financial status of each parent. Parents can go for a joint custody also. They have to submit a written agreement as a legal proof for the same.
  • Forms for child Support: For child support Arizona’s Supreme Court have specific guidelines. The payments for child support must be sent to a Clerk of the Supreme Court. Factors considered while deciding for child support are the child’s need, expenses during each parent’s custody and the duration of each parent’s custody. If couples mutually decide on this issue an agreement needs to be prepared and approved by the court.

How to file AZ divorce paperwork:

  1. Download the required divorce forms from the website of Superior Court.
  2. Fill in the “Family Court/ Sensitive Data Coversheet” form. Make a copy of this and keep it for personal use.
  3. Fill all other forms and make two copies of each.
  4. Separate the documents and forms in three sets. One set of original documents needs to be submitted in the court. Keep one set for your own reference and one set for your spouse. As you are filing the petition, you are known as petitioner and your spouse as respondent.
  5. Take all the original documents and its copies to the Clerk of Supreme Court along with the filing fee. After processing, Clerk returns the signed copies, so that you can keep one set for your reference and serve the other to your spouse.

    Doing Arizona divorce paperwork is not so difficult. You can avail the forms from the specific divorce websites.

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