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Divorce Guide

Divorce paperwork

Divorce is never easy. Moreover the paperwork associated with it, makes it more difficult. You need to be very careful with divorce paperwork. These papers represent your case in front of the judge. Minor mistake in your paperwork can cost you in terms of money and time.

Filing for divorce is stressful. There are many legal documents and papers required in order to initiate your case. The common divorce forms are petition for divorce, notice for hearing, certificate of corroborating witness, answer and affidavit, financial affidavit, settlement agreement, divorce judgment or decree.

You can do the divorce paperwork by your own or else you can hire a lawyer for the same.

Tips to fill the divorce papers:

  • Get the right divorce papers: divorce forms differ with each state. Not only this, each state has its own name for divorce. Like in some states divorce is known as “dissolution of marriage”. For genuine papers you can go for online services or can get it from your local court clerks.
  • Read instructions: instructions are given on how to fill the papers. You must strictly follow them so that the court can accept your divorce paperwork. For example, in California certain information’s are required to be filled in block letters.
  • Fill out headings: you need to fill out the headings on all the pages. The court requires this for its filing system.
  • Answer the questions: the petitioner is required to answer certain questions asked in the form. These questions are related to your marriage like date of marriage, no of years or if you are having any children or not and so on. This is done so that the court can court can provide you assistance on your request of divorce.
  • Complete declaration: A declaration is needed to be signed by the petitioner stating the documents submitted by him/her are true. Court will not accept your papers without the declaration.
  • Filing of the forms: file the forms with family court.
  • Service of the divorce papers: you are required to serve the papers to your spouse either through a certified mail or by the sheriff. Court needs an authentic record for the same.

Along with these papers you are required to submit certain documents. As a part of legal procedure, you need to produce documents related to your income information, real estate information, savings and checking accounts, life insurance, debts, deferred compensation plans, custody and monthly expenses list.

It is always recommended to take professional help while preparing such forms. But you can also go for a do it yourself divorce if you have very little debt or property and no children. In some states, these divorce forms can be downloaded from the country clerk’s website. In case this option is not available, contact the country clerk's office to find out which forms will be suitable for you.

Do it yourself divorce is not only inexpensive but also saves your time. You can amicably divorce your spouse without any involvement of a lawyer or an attorney. An internet search can help you to find websites that sells do it yourself divorce kits. Divorce paperwork becomes easy if you are aware of the state’s rules and regulations where you live.

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