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NH divorce papers

Divorce is a difficult situation for both the parties concerned irrespective of the state they reside. NH divorce papers states the issues related to divorce procedures in the state of New Hampshire. The points which states the terms and conditions of a NH divorce are listed below. These points will help one to understand the laws and regulations about filing a divorce in the state of New Hampshire.

Residency requirements for NH divorce

The residency requirements for a couple to file a divorce in the state of New Hampshire are as follows:

  1. Both the spouses should be the residents of the state for which the divorce is filed for
  2. The spouse filing for divorce should have been a resident of New Hampshire at least for a year immediately before filing for divorce
  3. The reason for divorce must have arisen in New Hampshire and one of the spouses must be living in New Hampshire when the divorce is filed for.

The divorce may be filed for in a county where any of the spouses resides.

Ground for divorce in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire the only no fault ground for divorce is irreconcilable differences which has caused immediate breakdown of marriage.

Grounds for fault based divorce are:

  1. Impotency
  2. Adultery
  3. Imprisonment of any one spouse with a sentence of more than 1year served
  4. Physical abuse
  5. Extreme cruelty
  6. Living separate for 2 years

Process to file divorce in New Hampshire

There are only three steps to file divorce in NH

  • Any one of the spouse needs to file New Hampshire divorce papers
  • He/she has to notify the other spouse of their filing for divorce in NH
  • The spouse has to attend the NH divorce hearing

Divorce related issues in NH hearing

As in every divorce hearing there are certain issues in a NH divorce hearing too

NH child custody:

  • Visitation means the court will decide with whom the children will leave and when the other spouse will visit them
  • Legal custody is the ability of the parents to make a decision in the lives of the children, such as where the children will attend school and which religion will the follow
  • Physical custody refers to the place where the children will live and with which parent they will live

NH child support:

NH divorce papers states that if the parents cannot agree to an amount of child support, then there are certain guidelines that determine the amount of support based on the New Hampshire child support guidelines. The amount prescribed in the guideline is supposed to be in the best interest of the child. But most of the time spouses settle for a figure of their own, which the court also accepts which works out to be fine. If both the spouses are working then child support is considered to be good.

Property Distribution

In an uncontested divorce the property is divided according to both the spouse’s wish. The main purpose of dividing the property according to the spouse’s wish is that there is no fight between the two concerning the property. It may lead to either spouse going to a NH divorce lawyer to make the case into a contested divorce. Then they will have to bear the fees for a lawyer too.

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