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Legal divorce papers

Legal divorce papers are documents that contain all the agreements mutually accepted and signed by the couple during their divorce. It is a legal proof that a divorce has occurred between the couple. Generally, divorce papers should include provisions for child support. Child custody, property settlements, etc. while divorce is a difficult time in oneís life, he/she should focus on protecting their future by making sure that their divorce papers are drawn up carefully.

If there are no children in the marriage, and very little debts and assets, then one has the option of filing his/her divorce papers on their own. A person should have the following documents ready whether his/her documents are prepared by him/her or by the lawyer hired.

  • Insurance papers
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificate
  • Property details
  • Last year tax records
  • Bank account information
  • Mortgage accounts
  • Loan, pension or retirement accounts

If a lawyer is hired then he will probably file a temporary restraint against domestic violence, considering there is a history of violence or threat. Apart from that one should also file for temporary custody, child support, and interim relief. One should sign up for the required parenting class, upon the requirement of the state in which that person resides.

Oneís legal divorce papers should contain provisions for:

  • Custody (sole or joint) of the children
  • Calculations for child support
  • Visitation schedules
  • Restrictions on moving out of the area
  • Who will carry insurance on the children
  • Division of property and debt
  • Division of savings and investment accounts etc.

Once the divorce papers are drawn up, the person should take them home and read them very carefully. These are legal documents and if not read properly, it may affect him/her for the rest of their life. If a person doesnít understand or feel comfortable with anything written in the document then he/she should not rush away. He/she should discuss it with their lawyer before signing it. One should not push him/her out just to get out of a bad marriage.

Once the divorce papers are signed, itís the responsibility of the lawyer to present it before the judge for signing and filing the final divorce decree at the courthouse. This whole process takes a lot of time as there are lots of issues that come up in the court. In legal divorce papers, the property distribution is one of the important issues that take lot of time to resolve as it deals with the marital wealth accumulated during marriage.

One should always remember that documents that need to be filed vary according to the jurisdiction. For e.g. if one lives in Coffee County, Alabama, then he/she may not be required to file the same forms as it would be required in Montgomery, Alabama. This suggests that divorce forms and divorce papers are not state specific. They are jurisdiction specific, so one should be very careful while paying for the service.

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