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GA divorce papers

If you live in Georgia and are planning to get divorced, then you should follow the laws and process involved. To file for GA divorce papers one of the party must have lived in Georgia for at least 6 months. The final divorce is granted 30 days after you or your spouse is served with all the paperwork. If lawyer is appointed, then he is responsible for correcting these divorce papers and should serve the documents to the spouse.

Grounds for filing Divorce papers

The petition of divorce declares the appropriate grounds for divorce. Both the spouses should agree on these grounds. The grounds are-

  • No-fault: Breakdown of marriage is only no fault ground for divorce. Court grants for divorce on this ground for not less than 30 days from date of service.
  • Fault :The spouse should prove one of the things mentioned below ,to get divorce on fault basis-
    1. Impotency
    2. Mental incapacity
    3. Adultery or force for getting married
    4. Mental cruel treatment
    5. Imprisonment
    6. Drug addiction

Filing divorce papers

The person filing for GA divorce papers must fulfill certain requirements. The complaint in the paper must refer to the current living situation, children or specific reason for divorce. The complaint must be filed with the superior court and should serve the copy to the spouse.

while filing the papers use the following exact words in capital letters-

Use of “petitioner”, where ‘P’ is capital
Use of “Respondent”, where ‘R’ is capital

Papers required in Georgia divorce papers

When you file for GA (Georgia) divorce papers, it involves six important documents at chosen county clerk’s office of superior court where you live. It is advisable that for filing procedure, a lawyer should consider your case even if it is contested or uncontested.

  • Petition for divorce must include the name of you and your spouse as petitioner and respondent. These references are used in the court during the divorce process. Fill out the information related to child support, alimony, property division, joint debts, and child insurance. Explanation for ground of divorce must be given. You have to sign these documents in front of notary.
  • For Uncontested divorce, a copy of marital settlement agreement must be provided to the court. This agreement must be signed by both the parties.
  • Domestic relations case filing information form states that you are filing for divorce.
  • Affidavit regarding the custody form is the official request that must be attached with the petition. It includes name and address of child.
  • Domestic relation financial affidavit form includes your occupation, pay period and social security number in first list. In second list, record of assets like automobiles, stocks cash in hand is provided. Monthly expenses like rent, mortgage payments should be also mentioned.
  • Disclosure statement form helps in checking the appropriate numbered line that described the action you take in divorce process. Using this form, ‘divorce without the agreement’ or ‘divorce with the agreement’ must be checked.

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