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Finding Divorce Paper

Divorce papers are useful for completing divorce procedure. It is important legal document required in divorce process. It is filed with the court. It contains information on financial and non financial settlement of divorce. Finding divorce papers can be pretty difficult. To get the details of the papers you have to go to office where divorce took place. You can find divorce papers online also.

In certain situations like child custody or visitation changes or, planning for remarriage need of divorce papers can emerge. You can get copy of divorce papers easily or else you can request court or your lawyer for which you have to pay minimal fees. Specify your lawyer, which part of filed divorce paper you want (for example, you might need only the decree).

Steps for finding divorce papers.

  • Check all the documents before you request the court for the divorce papers. Be sure that divorce papers are not with you. If your spouse can give you the copy of divorce paper, request him for one.
  • Contact your lawyer. Many lawyers usually keep the records which typically includes petition or custody agreements. Most of the lawyers charge for the simply mailing the documents also.
  • Court can provide you with the copy. If traveling is not convenient for you then request them to mail you.
  • You can also contact your opposing lawyer. Even they keep the copy for 2-5 years period

Finding divorce papers online:

You can also find divorce papers online. In country like U.S. different states uses different papers .Finding divorce papers online is very easy procedure. It can save your cost and time. There are Websites that instruct you on how to format the papers the way court requires. You can ask for the help of the lawyer if you get trouble for finding papers online. Following are the sites that provide you with the divorce paper of the state you want:-

  • Freedivorceforms.net: You can get divorce papers and forms for free. Click on the state on the map at their home page. Each state’s Website will appear in a different way. Most of the papers are available in compresses form in zip format .Few are available as PDF
  • Edivorcepapers.com: This Website has more than 40000 divorce forms and related divorce papers. Instructions of filing the papers are also provided. You just have to select the state and find divorce paper
  • Divorce-forms.com-Using this site you can download divorce forms and papers in PDF format. This Website also states how to serve divorce papers.

If you apply to the court for copy of divorce papers make sure you have valid reason for that. If you are downloading divorce papers online then read instruction carefully. If you have trouble for the particular term, consult your attorney. Finding divorce papers online is preferable. Also while finding the papers, take time to research the divorce process of your state till you understand completely.

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