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Divorce Guide

Filing divorce papers

As you end your marriage with divorce, there are many legal papers and documents to be filed. Filing divorce paper is very first step in the divorce process. As law varies from state to state, the nature of divorce papers can also vary. The final divorce paper which is issued by the court is known as divorce decree. You can file for divorce on your own or can get help from a legal attorney.

How to file divorce papers

Filing divorce papers can be time consuming. If you decide to file the papers make sure you look into all the details concerning your case. Most people have no idea from where to start. This article will help you to know, how to file divorce papers.

  • Make sure you have all your personal and business documents together before you file divorce papers. If you have joint properties like house, you need a mortgage contract. Keep account of records and retirement plans together into a single file.
  • Get an idea of how you want to split things. State the reason for seeking divorce along with the information of residency or the state where you lived in for years. This is required for your petition to be considered.
  • Keep track of all financial transactions. If your spouse had promised to pay you something then make sure it is put in divorce decree along with the date and time of the conversation.
  • While filing for divorce various legal issues like alimony and child custody should be considered. You should determine who gets the custody of the children.
  • Get the divorce forms from an attorney or download it online. If you download from Internet, be sure to download the forms specific in your state.

Once you keep all the mentioned documents ready, then you can file the divorce papers to the court. Before filing it to the court, consult with your attorney to discuss the points which you want to add.

Other than marital settlement agreement and financial statements, some other legal forms are required to be attached .Most of the states have different forms depending on the type of divorce case. Following forms are necessary to be filed-

  1. Motion of waiver of fees
  2. Request for dissolving marriage
  3. Child support forms and worksheets
  4. Marital and non marital assets and debts statements

Once you attach all necessary documents and forms, the divorce papers are ready to be filed with the court. While filing divorce papers, fill up all legal procedure to ensure smooth transition. A good lawyer will take care of filing process. Nowadays use of online divorce paper is also increasing. You can get it from divorce counsel service Website. Filing divorce papers online is a good option to save time and cost .there is elimination of middleman. To avoid the mess in your case, it is advisable to consult your lawyer. Keep a positive attitude throughout filing the divorce papers.

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