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Divorce Guide

Divorce papers Canada

Divorce is a legal process. The laws of every state and country vary. When you file for divorce papers Canada, be aware with the laws of the country. To file for divorce in Canada you and your spouse must be staying at Ontario at the time of filing or 12months before filing. Most of divorce cases are based on one year separation. Divorce in Canada is governed by federal divorce act. The documents and process of filing therefore vary.

Grounds for filing divorce

  1. Meet all the residential requirements of Canada
  2. Should be legally married in Canada
  3. Should sure enough that you donít want to live with your spouse anymore
  4. Either of you have lived in Canada for at least 1 year before filing for divorce.

Filing divorce papers Canada

To start with the divorce applications follow the mentioned steps:

  1. Fill out the necessary documents of your area or province. If you have a lawyer he can fill them out. You can get these forms from internet or court offices
  2. Mention the basic things like date of marriage, name of you and your spouse, affidavit, financial matters.
  3. If children are involved, mention the parenting arrangements with financial support that you are looking for.
  4. You can file all the documents to the courthouse by paying the necessary fees and following the rules of court.

Serving divorce papers Canada

  • When you want to serve divorce papers your marriage certificate should have been issued in Canada. Hiring a professional for this issue is preferable
  • Get a legal advice from your lawyer before filing
  • Find the address of your spouse to serve him with divorce papers
  • You can serve the divorce papers by post or with the help of your relatives or family
  • Hire the person who can deliver the papers by paying fees. This makes Canadian national court aware, that divorce papers in served to the spouse.
  • If you are serving the papers on your own note down the date and time of serving.

You can also file the divorce papers on your own. This can save time and money as well. If there are no children involved, the ground for divorce involves living separately at least for a year, both the spouses should be independent on financial matter, all properties are to be divided between the parties.

Take the permission of the court to file divorce papers Canada. Though filing such papers is economical, but you have to be very careful while filing. You can seek for legal advice if you donít understand some issues.

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