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Divorce Guide

Court divorce papers, divorce court papers

Court divorce papers are known as the documents provided by the court during the marriage dissolution process.

These papers focus on following issues:
  1. Real estate and personal properties
  2. Child guardianship and support
  3. financial support, amount outstanding and other obligations
  4. Change to earlier name for wife
  5. Income taxes

Main Court divorce papers.

Once the marriage settlement agreement and each spouse’s financial statement is ready, you can prepare the divorce documents. In addition to marriage settlement agreement and financial statements, the following legal papers must be submitted to the Court:

The complaint or petition

  1. This is the main court divorce paper to be filed. It officially requests the court to terminate the marriage.
  2. Most states mention this document as Petition or Complaint. This court document will request to the court to use the marital settlement agreement for obtaining the terms of divorce.

Appearance, Consent, and Waiver form:

  1. This form is a confirmation by the respondent spouse that he/she joins the petitioner filing for the divorce.

Child Custody Jurisdiction Form

  1. If there is a case of minor child born or adopted during the marriage, this paper should be used.
  2. The form gives information with respect to minor children, and it compulsory under the ‘uniform child custody jurisdiction act’ in all states.
  3. This paper confirms with the court that it is the only court that has authority over matters of child pertaining and support.

Final Judgment or Decree

  1. This is the court divorce paper that officially declares your marriage over. This is a final court document.
  2. This paper states, what you and your spouse decided to do the marital settlement agreement. Depending on which state, you must change the legal terms to reflect that states local rules
  3. The judge at the end of the divorce trials usually signs this document.
  4. Before final judgment, the judge may change certain matter that was previously agreed by the spouses. E.g. the judge may increase or decrease the quantity of child support payments. If this is the case, the judge will informs verbally and you must then retype the judgment to correctly reflect his opinion.

Certificate of Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage

  1. This divorce document is not required to be filed in all states.
  2. This document must be filed with the proper state agency usually the Bureau of Vital Statistics.
  3. The clerk of the court where you filed your divorce has these for
  4. Every state has its own type of form, so make sure you use the form which is suitable for your state and take that form to the trials.

All this information focus on the important court documents required during divorce proceeding. Court divorce papers available from the Internet also save you time and money. You don't have to waste time looking for a lawyer nor do you have any compulsion to meet with your spouse. You can fill the forms at your convenience.

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