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Divorce Guide

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In today’s world average cost of divorce is in between 15,000-30,000 U.S. dollar. Out of this nearly 50 percent of the money goes to lawyers. Nowadays cheap divorce papers are easily available on internet. In case of ‘uncontested divorce’, (where divorce settlement agreement can be made with the mutual understanding of spouses) cheap divorce papers can be easily accessed online.

Main advantage of selecting cheap divorce paper is:

  1. You can save thousands of dollars in legal fees.
  2. Your case may move faster during the courts processing without a lawyer.
  3. Your Divorce may be less painful.
  4. Without a lawyer the judge may be more understanding and soft to you.

As a result you can save money as well as time. These cheap divorce papers are easy-to-use law forms that you can customize by yourself.

Cheap divorce forms are mainly classified into following issues:

  1. Real estate and personal properties
  2. Child guardianship and support.
  3. financial support, amount outstanding and other obligations
  4. Change to earlier name for the wife
  5. Income taxes

Cheap divorce papers contain:

  1. Divorce Complaint (Petition) form This paper contains formal request to the court to start the process of termination of your marriage.
  2. Answer to Complaint/Petition This paper is a form known as the response against the complaint. This can be submitted within 20 days of complaint.
  3. Waiver of Acceptance of Service form This paper is a type of agreement by a defendant in a legal action to accept a complaint or petition of divorce. In most jurisdictions there is a form entitled "receipt and acknowledgment of acceptance of service" or similar language which must be signed, dated and sent back to the court.
  4. Legal Separation Agreement form This is document which can be submitted to the court by which person can stay separate from spouse without actually going through the process of divorce.
  5. Financial Statement Form This document contains all details about the financial records or financial condition of each spouse.
  6. Child Custody Jurisdiction Form This form gives the information related to child custody and visitation.
  7. Petition for Name Change This form is used only when wife is the respondent and wishes to use her original name.
  8. Certificate of Corroborating Witness This document can be provided by third person including
  9. Statement giving information about the length of time you have resided in the state.
  10. Statement from a notary public verifying your witness.
  11. Statement from any person who helped you fills the form, if necessary.
  12. Notice for Hearing. This document is a used by both the parties to take notice of an action. Most notably the notice contains a date and time for the court clerk to make changes in schedule.
  13. Final Decree of Divorce Judgment. This paper is the final step in the divorce process. This cheap divorce paper will often give details as to the decisions regarding child support, custody, and visitation.
  14. Certificate of Divorce/Marriage Dissolution. This is the final document by the court which gives permission to end the marriage.

In this way cheap divorce papers are easily available. This will help to save lots of dollars in legal charges. Cheap divorce papers also make matters less complicated and quicker.

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