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Arizona Divorce Papers

Necessary documents for dissolution of marriage are known as divorce papers. Arizona divorce papers are important in the process of divorce in Arizona. For filing divorce in Arizona, one of the spouses must have resided in the state of Arizona for at least 90 day. Arizona divorce papers is legal proof for dissolution of marriage .Arizona divorce papers must fulfill following points.

No-fault: Breakdown of marriage is only no fault ground for divorce. Use these words in capital letters: IN THE SUPERIOR COURT IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF, ARIZONA

  1. Use these exact words in capital letters: PETITION FOR THE DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE
  2. Use the word "Petitioner". Where P is capital.
  3. Use the word "Respondent". Where "R" is capital.
  4. Use these exact words, in capital letters: DECREE OF DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE
  5. Use the word "County" here.

    Important Arizona divorce papers are as mentioned below. Both the parties must sign these documents:

    • Papers of declaration under the child custody act
    • Paper of marriage settlement agreement.
    • Verification necessary by both parties.

    Along with these papers, Arizona court needs some forms and documents which are important in the processing of divorce. List of these documents are mentioned below;

    • Form 1 Uniform support petition
    • Form 2-Summons: personal service on an individual
    • Form 3- Process service memorandum.
    • Form 4-non military affidavit.
    • Form 5- financial affidavit.
    • Form 6-motion of health insurance coverage.
    • Form 7-final judgment modifying child support.

    Some important paper along with its description provided here:

    1. Child Support Order.( Forms 205a-d) This form used in most Arizona courts but not in Maricopa County. This gives information about the exact amount of child support.
    2. Joint Custody Parenting Plan. (Forms 225a-b) This two-page paper gives the terms and conditions of joint custody of minor children.
    3. Family Law Sensitive Information Sheet.( Form 240) This paper gives basic information about the requester, the spouse who is responding to the petition, children and profiles financial accounts of both.
    4. Conciliation Court. (Form 300) This one-page declaration form is required in all cases. It provides marriage counseling services before the divorce action or after it is final.
    5. Request to Restore Wife's Former Name.( Form 550) This form is used only when the wife is the Respondent and wishes to use her original name.
    6. Declaration of Service by Mail. (Form 650) This declaration paper is used for in-state or out-of-state, when the Petitioner mails the divorce papers to the spouse. The green postal receipt card of mail service is attached to the declaration.
    7. Declaration of Service by Publication. (Form 700a) This paper is made by the Petitioner when Summons is published in a local newspaper.
    8. Form 700b, Declaration of Due Diligence. This paper is used to locate a missing spouse who cannot or will not be found.
    9. Forms 800a-b, Application and Entry of Default. This form is also used after service of Publication is failed. It also certifies that the Respondent is not in the military service.

    All this information gives knowledge about the Arizona divorce papers. This will help you to guide for filing divorce in Arizona.

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