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Divorce Guide

Divorce papers

Divorce papers are legal documents to declare the breakdown of marriage. Such documents help the couples to know the divorce process and laws involved. Divorce is very complex. The rules and laws of divorce vary according to the state. Divorce papers of every state also vary. When you file for divorce it is necessary to give the court all the legal papers ready.

Divorce papers highlight issues of :

  • Marital property division
  • Division of saving accounts
  • Investment division
  • Alimony
  • Debt responsibility

If children are involved then topics like-

  • Child support
  • Visitation
  • Child custody

Filing divorce papers

Filing divorce papers can be complicated. Make sure you have all personal and business documents ready with you. Put all types of paper in organized way. Get an idea of how you want to split things between each other. Once you are done with these consult your lawyer. He/she will check if all the documents are organized and, will suggest the changes if necessary. Keep track of all financial transaction. Your lawyer finishes your divorce papers. To make the process easy attach necessary information-

  1. Your health insurance papers
  2. Marriage license
  3. Copies of vehicle titles
  4. Property deeds
  5. Tax returns
  6. Bank statements
  7. Birth certificates of your children

If you have any doubts while filing the papers freely talk to your attorney .The terms mentioned in the papers will affect you rest of your life. Be confident before you sign the papers.

There are different types of forms that are needed to be filed with divorce papers

  1. Petition for divorce: Provides court jurisdiction over your divorce
  2. Hearing notice: This form is used to set the date for judge to hear your case
  3. Financial affidavit: The name itself states that this form includes the financial agreement between you and your spouse
  4. Settlement agreement: It states the terms that you and your spouse want to discuss
  5. Divorce judgment: The judge signs this form to complete the divorce.

Sometimes by mistake you lose your copy of divorce papers or want to prove your divorce existence for mortgage purpose. During such situations you can contact the department of vital statistics .Get the application form requesting for the copy of the papers. Fill up the basic information stating place of filing the divorce, and whether certified or non-certified copied of papers are needed. You must provide proof of your identity at the time of request and submit it.

Preparing divorce papers without the help of attorney is usually not advisable. But if you cannot afford to pay your lawyer fees or no children are involved in your case then you can opt for do-it –yourself divorce papers. These types of papers are available for free on many Websites. You can save your time and money if you choose to go for such papers. You can search for the required forms by typing “pro se divorce forms” on Internet.

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