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The most peaceful way to settle divorce is through mediation. In mediation, both the spouses sit across each other and settle the issues related to divorce in consent with each other. There is a divorce mediator who facilitates the process of this settlement and helps the couple reach a common consensus about various issues.

Settlement of divorce through mediation is gradually gaining popularity in most of the states in US. Couples save a lot of money, effort, and time by settling divorce through mediation. After the mediation is over, the couples only need to file a divorce request in the court and wait for the divorce decree to be issued. There is hardly any matter left for dispute, so couples are saved from numerous rounds of trials in front of the judges.

The role of mediator is very important in divorce mediation. After all, he/she is the person who will guide you towards a peaceful and fair divorce. Couples are really concerned about the credibility of mediators and their performance. People generally think that mediators are not as proficient as lawyers and cannot successfully handle their divorce. However, this is not true as there are lots of expert mediators available in the market today.

You can look for divorce mediator on internet, yellow pages, state mediation association, and also sometimes with the reference of your friends, family or local clergy.

Guidelines For Selecting Mediator:
  1. Legal knowledge: Your divorce mediator should have considerable legal knowledge to give you legal advice when required. He/she should be well versed in State Family Laws and should be able to point out legally correct things. Itís better to have a mediator who has Law Degree as well. At least some degree in Child Psychology or Counseling is preferable.

  2. Attachment to some association: If the mediator is serving some association then it is better to trust his credentials. The performance of such mediator will definitely be better than the lot.

  3. Go by reference: Although not many states have associations or organizations that certify mediators but the bar council can definitely help you with good mediators in your location. Word of mouth is also a good way to hire mediators for divorce settlement.

  4. Comfort level: Before finalizing on the mediator, you must meet a few of them and try to assess your comfort level with each. If a mediator is very reserved and not able to connect with you at a personal level then you might have problem in telling him or her about your personal issues.

  5. Impartial: The greatest quality of a mediator is his ability to be unbiased towards a single party. The mediator has to think about the benefit of both the parties and help them reach a settlement fairly. It is not advisable to appoint someone who is known to both of you or has some family connection.
Questions To Ask For Credit Check Of Mediator:
  • How long has he or she been working as mediator?
  • What are the qualifications of the person as mediator?
  • Has he handled divorce mediation for a case similar as yours?
  • Has the mediator any legal background or exposure?
  • What fees will he/she charge for mediation?
  • Who are the people who can serve as a reference for the mediatorís work?
  • Does he have proper knowledge of the procedure of divorce in your state?
These questions will help you assess the knowledge and background of the divorce mediator which is an important factor in selecting the right person. On the basis of your homework, you can shortlist a few names and then go by eliminating the least suitable ones. This might require a little time, effort and coordination on the part of the couple but it is very crucial for a fair and peaceful mediation.

Your decision to settle divorce through mediation is a very positive step. With a little care and prudence you can definitely select a good divorce mediator.

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