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How To Prepare For Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a simple process to settle issues involved in divorce. It is very important for the couples to have a proper idea of the mediation process. Divorce mediation can never be successful without full participation of the spouses. Thus the couples must know how to prepare for divorce mediation.

Divorce mediation is a process where both the spouses decide to settle disputed issues in divorce with the help of a mediator. The mediator is a neutral person who helps the couple in reaching a fair agreement. The other alternative to mediation is adversarial divorce. Here the couples reach the court of law for divorce settlement and fight the case with the help of respective lawyers. Divorce by litigation can stretch till whatever period and also creates further malice among the couple.

There are several advantages of mediation over adversarial divorce. Mediation is quick, simple, and less expensive. Rather than employing two separate advocates the couples engage one mediator and share the cost. The biggest advantage of mediation is that it does not induce emotional stress on the couples the way mediation does. Due to these advantages more and more couples are opting for mediation rather than divorce by litigation.

Before opting for divorce mediation the couples must understand that mediation is only suitable for cases where both the spouses are willing to participate in the process. Very often couples opt for mediation thinking that it is very simple and will not require any effort from their side. This is entirely wrong and mediation needs a lot of preparation on the part of the couples.

Tips on how to prepare for divorce mediation:
  1. Have a fair idea of the process: Before finalizing on divorce mediation you must understand the process and its objective. Mediation is not suitable for every case. The couples must analyze their situation and temperament before starting mediation. It is better to take advice from couples who have undergone mediation.
  2. Financial analysis: Before meeting your mediator each spouse must do a valuation of their assets and liabilities. The spouses should also assess their future needs. This will give them clarity regarding how much they have and what do they need for future. The spouse who wants the legal possession of kids should also try to estimate child’s expenses.
  3. Have information about state laws: Each state in USA has different laws when it comes to divorce. Although the mediator will have knowledge about the divorce laws of your state but still it is better that you too get an overview. The spouses get to know whether there are any special laws that will affect their final divorce agreement.
  4. Create a divorce mediation checklist: To ensure that you do not miss any important issues in mediation it is better that you make a checklist of important issues. When couples are already harassed due to separation they can easily forget trivial issues. So it is better that the major issues should be noted down on a piece of paper.
  5. Do paperwork: Before starting the process of mediation it is important that both the couples gather important documents like salary slips, marriage certificate, asset papers, and so on. If the couples are ready with all the important documents and facts the process of mediation will run smooth and finish on time.
Apart from the above information couples can research on internet and get to know more on how to prepare for divorce mediation. Divorce mediation requires lot of involvement on the part of the couples and both should be well informed about the process.

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