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Divorce is an uncomfortable process. Fighting divorce case in court is cumbersome and expensive. More and more people are opting for mediation in order to settle their divorce. Good mediators are quite in demand and thus divorce mediation training too. There are a number of institutes that provide good training in mediation and help a person to become good mediator.

Training in mediation is helpful because good mediators are always in demand. People think that mediation does not require any formal training but this is not right. In order to understand the divorce dynamics and be able to solve the challenges involved in divorce the mediator should be well trained.

Couples must ensure that the mediator they select for divorce mediation is expert and formally trained. He or she should have divorce mediation certification from a reputed institute and have practical work experience as well. Only a trained mediatory can help the couples frame a sound divorce agreement.

It is not difficult to find a good course in divorce mediation. However one must be careful in selecting a course that is comprehensive enough. A number of institutes offer divorce mediation courses through out USA. Most of the institutes are run by expert and experienced mediators.

Divorce mediation courses are mostly taken by family attorneys and divorce lawyers. These courses are also done by mediators who want to specialize in divorce mediation. The courses train the candidates to handle divorce cases in an amicable and peaceful manner.

Most of the divorce mediation courses are short term courses. There are basic as well as advanced training programs in divorce mediation. Basic courses give complete knowledge of divorce mediator but do not teach divorce mediation in specialized areas like child custody, child support, or any other divorce related issues.

Divorce mediation trainings comprise of theory as well as practical. Mediators are given practical experience of divorce mediation with the help of case studies, role plays, demonstrations, video tapes of original mediation sessions, and other ways. The theoretical part teaches principles of mediation as well as legal information related to divorce. Divorce mediation programs also give an overview of divorce laws.

A good divorce mediation course will cover the following training areas:
  • Theory of Mediation
  • Divorce mediation basics
  • Counseling skills
  • Handling child custody issues
  • Handling parenting problems
  • Knowledge of equitable distribution of finances
  • Dealing with domestic violence and abuse
  • Information on divorce laws
  • Knowledge of drafting a sound divorce agreement
It should be noted that divorce mediation training programs that are affiliated by The Association for Conflict Resolution are the standard ones. Divorce mediation training churn out expert mediators who can help the couples achieve a divorce agreement amicably.

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