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Divorce mediation is a civil approach for dissolution of marriage. In mediation the couples are assisted by a mediator who is neutral to both the parties. The mediator facilitates a peaceful negotiation among the couples in order to reach a fair divorce agreement. Mediation is a systematic process and the following of some divorce mediation tips will ensure a successful outcome.

Settlement of issues involved in divorce is a very complex procedure because it involves the interest and ego of the couples. One way to reach a divorce agreement is through court and is known as adversarial divorce. In this method the spouses employ individual lawyers and the case is argued in the court room. This way of fighting divorce creates a lot of malice and bitterness among the family. To avoid such situation couples resort to mediation.

Divorce mediation is increasingly becoming popular because it is simple, less expensive, quick, and a matured way of dealing with issues. Mediation is specially recommended for families with children. The purpose of mediation is to maintain the calm and peace of the family and encourage couples to compromise rather than be egoistic over trivial issues.

However it should be noted that divorce mediation can be successful only in the following situations:
  • Both the parties voluntarily want the process
  • Both the parties are present and involved in the process
  • There is no history of physical abuse or offence in the relationship
If a case meets all the above criteria divorce mediation is possible. Mediation reduces the heat of divorce and the upheaval that it creates. If a divorce is inevitable and the couples still want peace then mediation is a boon for them. However, for mediation to be successful couples must follow some guidelines.

Here are some tips for successful divorce mediation:
  • Select a good mediator: Mediator is the anchor of the whole process so his expertise does matter. The mediator should be a good facilitator and counselor who can encourage a fair compromise between the couples. He should be trained to handle challenges that are involved in divorce. It is better to engage a reputed mediator.
  • Cooperate and compromise: The first and foremost approach to a successful mediation is cooperation. Mediation has no meaning without the help and support of the couples. So do not hide any details from each other, be ready to compromise wherever possible and required, think about the welfare of the kids, and do not let your ego overrule you.
  • Have an open mind: Be open to the proposal of the partner or mediator. It would not be wise to abruptly dismiss any proposal. Even if the proposal looks unattractive do not react negatively. May be you can think over it and then express you feelings. In mediation it is very important that you maintain your composure.
  • Have a divorce mediation checklist: Before starting the process of mediation the couples should do their homework and prepare a divorce mediation checklist that contains a list of important issues to be discussed with the mediator. The couples should also be ready with important documents and details that will be required in the proceedings.
By following divorce mediation tips one can ensure that mediation will be successful. The final divorce agreement will be fair and balanced to benefit both the couples.

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