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Divorce mediation is becoming very popular now-a-days. Mediation offers a number of benefits over litigation. It is easy, less expensive, and quick. Divorce mediation program offers full independence to the couples to think about the issues involved in divorce and voluntarily reach an agreement.

The most common way of seeking divorce is through litigation. In litigation both the couples have individual lawyers who argue in the court room on their behalf. Based on the argument and evidence the judge pronounces a divorce decree and an agreement. Both the spouses are legally bound to follow the clauses mentioned in the divorce agreement. If any of the spouses is dissatisfied with a clause he or she can produce a fresh petition for review.

As compared to the process of litigation divorce mediation program offers a lot of flexibility to the couples. These programs are specially designed to reduce the emotional stress caused by divorce. Divorce causes emotional imbalance and loss of faith. If the couples resort to adversarial divorce they are further hassled by the complicated process. Divorce mediation on the other hand causes less hassle and emotional stress.

Like any other mediation divorce mediation also consists of a series of sessions. These sessions are a combination of counseling and discussions with the objective of a fair agreement among the couple.

Divorce mediation programs are anchored by a mediator who is neutral to both the spouses. The objective of the mediator is to facilitate a mutually beneficial agreement among the couple. The mediator holds sessions with both the couples jointly and separately. After assessing the overall situation and going through the facts the mediator drafts a memorandum of understanding. This memorandum is reviewed by both the spouses who can jointly suggest modifications. In accordance to the wishes of the couple the final divorce agreement is designed by the mediator.

Divorce mediation programs take special care of child’s need and try to protect the kids from the heat of their parents’ separation. In fact there are divorce mediation specialists who have fair idea of dealing with child custody and child support issues. These mediators hold special sessions with the kids to know their will and also encourage them to be optimistic.

Psychological counseling forms an important part of divorce mediation program. However mediation programs are not restricted to counseling sessions. Mediation services also provide the emotionally disturbed couples with books and suggestive reading. The programs are created with a view to provide psychological and procedural help that is required during divorce.

These programs provide end to end guidance and assistance to the couples going for divorce. Divorce through mediation is a cheaper way to get divorced but it has lots of value in terms of emotional support and morale boosting of the harassed couples.

Divorce through mediation is only recommended for couples who are voluntarily ready to participate and cooperate in the mediation process. The participation of the couples is the key to a successful divorce mediation program.

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