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Divorce is an emotionally trying process for the couples. And by getting into litigation the couples invite more problems. Adversarial divorce or divorce by litigation complicates matters among the spouses and stretches the case beyond a point. The best option is to opt for mediation and outsource all your divorce worries to a divorce mediation group. Such groups can be easily found in any major city of USA.

Before discussing what exactly is a divorce mediation group you must know briefly about mediation. Divorce mediation is a process where the couples get together to discuss about the disputed issues in their divorce and reach a mutual agreement with the help of a mediator. The mediator is a neutral person who thinks about the welfare of both the spouses.

Divorce by mediation is an open process where both the spouses get an equal opportunity to voice their concerns and needs. The final divorce agreement has the essence of both the spouses’ needs and wants. After listening to the needs and wishes of both the spouses the mediator suggests solutions on each specific issue and tries to strike a balance among the couple. Thus both the couple are happy and satisfied with the final divorce agreement and do not have any malice for each other after separation.

A mediation group provides A to Z divorce mediation service to the couples wanting divorce by mediation. These groups specialize in divorce mediation and other related services. They have well trained mediators who are expert in counseling, negotiation skills, and have full information about divorce law. Mediators are certified to handle divorce mediation cases. A divorce mediation group can also provide the couples with specialized divorce mediation service that focuses on child custody mediation or parenting issues.

Here is a brief list of services that a typical divorce mediation group provides:
  • Divorce mediation sessions: in these sessions the mediator has open discussion with both the spouses and facilitates a fair agreement that mutually interests couples. The sessions encourage both the spouses to talk about their problems and needs openly so that the final agreement is fair.
  • Child custody mediation: In case both the spouses want the custody of the child the mediator counsels them towards a settlement. The legal custody of the child is finally given to the spouse who is a more suitable parent for the growing kid. The other parent gets proper visitation rights so that the kid gets the attention and company of both the parent.
  • Parenting plan: The mediator assists the separating couple with a good parenting plan. This plan ensures that although the spouses separate as man and wife they remain united for the purpose of the child. This is to ensure a healthy development in the child. Parenting plan contains details about the child’s education, overall growth, monetary security, and so on. It also contains arrangements where both the spouses get equal opportunity to serve the child as parents.
  • Legal information: the mediators at divorce mediation group provide all the legal information that is required by the couples to make a valid divorce agreement.
  • Related information: the group provides the couple with all the related information and guidance required to seek divorce from the court. What documents should be required, petition form, other forms, facts to be collected, and so on. Many of these groups also visit the court on behalf of the couples to file divorce and so on.
It is not difficult to find a good divorce mediation group. However the couples should ensure that the group provides full support to the clients and has reputation in the market.

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