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Divorce mediation services are too much in demand. Couples are increasingly using mediation to settle divorce related issues. Thus more and more divorce law firms are specializing in mediation. Divorce mediation services offer A to Z assistance to the couples going for divorce. Divorce mediation forms are provided by these firms and form the basis of the divorce case.

Mediation is a systematic process. It consists of a number of sessions during which the mediator counsels the couple and also helps them in creating a divorce agreement with mutual consent. During these sessions the mediator tries to assess the over all situation and then facilitates a fair compromise among the couples. Before starting the mediation process the couples have to fill up some divorce mediation forms. It is crucial that the couples fill up the forms carefully as they are quite significant.

Through divorce mediation forms the mediator extracts all the important information regarding the case. Some of the common types of divorce mediation forms are:
  • Basic Form: This form is required to be filled up in the first session or even before that. It captures basic details about both the clients. Name, address, date of marriage, details of children, previous marriage if any, etc have to be declared through the basic form. This form is meant to extract all personal facts about the couple.
  • Assets and Liabilities Form: In this form the couples declare all their assets and liabilities. Couples have to declare jointly held assets, as well as individual assets. If there are any assets under the name of the children then that needs to be declared as well.
  • Debt Declaration Form: In Debt Declaration Form the couple needs to declare all their joint as well as individual debts. Debts include loan, credit card bills, etc.
  • Budget Form: Couples need to be very careful and analytical while filling up this form. On the basis of the budget form decision related to alimony and child support will be taken. Couples need to think properly and project their future expenses. This includes the expense of child rearing, his education, miscellaneous expenses, and so on.
Above are the examples of a few basic forms that couples need to fill up at the time of mediation. All divorce mediation services will have different types of forms depending on their style and process. Mediators provide full instructions and guidance in filling up the forms.

It is important that the forms are filled up with great care as the details are of high consequences in the final divorce agreement. If certain section is not clear then the couple should ask for mediatorís guidance rather than doing any guess work.

Apart from the forms couples will also have to answer a few questionnaires like parenting questionnaire, reason for divorce, desire for mediation, and so on. These questionnaires are more subjective in nature and try to assess the coupleís views on various issues involved in divorce.

The couples must ensure that they fill up the divorce mediation forms carefully as they are the foundation for a sound divorce agreement.

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