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Divorce mediation institutes can be found everywhere in USA now a days. Although mediation as a way to settle dispute has been in use since very long, in the recent times it has become a formal and organized procedure. Divorce mediation courses are carried through formal trainings offered by mediation institutes.

Divorce mediation trainings specialize in divorce mediation. The training in mediation is given with divorce issues in mind. Divorce mediation courses are meant to train mediators in counseling and dispute settlement among the estranged couples going for divorce.

Institutes offer basic as well as advanced courses in divorce mediation. Most of the courses are short term. It can be said that the candidates are already trained in mediation and take this course to become divorce mediation specialist.

A typical divorce mediation course trains the mediators in the following areas:
  • Counseling for couples: Divorce mediation is a specialized field because divorce is a highly sensitive issue. Both the spouses are emotionally disturbed during divorce. Their egos are hurt and their capacity to think logically diminishes. In such situation only an expert mediator can understand the psychological condition of the spouses and help them come out of their disputes successfully. Thus the role of counseling becomes very important and so counseling is a crucial aspect of divorce mediation course.
  • Legal knowledge: Every state in USA has laws specific to divorce and family. The divorce mediation course offers all the basic information about divorce laws. This is important because the final divorce agreement should be legally correct. It is the duty of the mediator to provide correct legal information to the couples so that they can take right decisions.
  • Child custody mediation: In most of the cases both the spouses want the legal custody of the child. It is the role of the mediator to decide who is more suitable for custody. He then tries to strike a balance between the couples by providing a good visitation plan. So the other parent does not feel left out and participates in the decisions related to the child.
  • Parenting issues: Parenting is a very important aspect of divorce. Every divorce mediation course trains the mediator to guide the couples with issues involved in parenting. They assist the couple in creating a good parenting plan. A parenting plan has details about the child’s educational plans, his future growth, how the couples intend to be parents for the child after separation, and so on.
  • Drafting divorce agreement: Divorce mediation course trains the mediator in drafting a good divorce agreement. The agreement should be fair, clear, complete, and future oriented.
The above mentioned are some basic contents of a divorce mediation course. The courses combine theory as well as practice. To give a practical idea of divorce mediation the candidates are shown real mediation sessions and encouraged to do role plays and solve case studies.

It is better to opt for divorce mediation course that is affiliated by The Association for Conflict Resolution.

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