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Mediation is increasingly becoming a popular way to settle divorce. As compared to adversarial divorce, mediation is considered easy, fast, peaceful, and cheap. Divorce mediation cost is considered to be lesser than fighting the case in the court with the help of lawyer.

When the couples fight the divorce case with the help of lawyers they have to pay huge fee to their respective lawyers. On the other hand in divorce mediation the couples jointly pay to the mediator and later share the cost of mediation. Due to this the cost of divorce mediation is always lesser than fighting it the adversarial way.

Each divorce case is different and the cost of mediation depends on the nature of the case. Some divorce cases are very simple because there is nothing much to sort out. On the other hand some cases require lot of consultation on topics like division of property or any other matter. In cases where the couples need expert advice on issues mediation might be a little costly.

Divorce mediation cost depends on a number of factors. Some of the factors that influence the cost of mediation are:
  • Mediator: A very expert and experienced mediator might be costlier than a lesser experienced. In case your case is a little uncommon or complicated then it is advisable to go for an experienced mediator who can give tips to solve your problem. Mary and her husband had a lot of financial liability but still they did not want to fight their case in the court. Thus they preferred to hire a divorce mediator who had specific knowledge and experience of handling cases where financial stake was at large. But the mediator charged a little higher than the couple was satisfied with the final agreement.
  • Nature of the case: If a situation is very simple then any mediator can help the couple settle the matters in an amicable manner. However, if the case is complicated where both the partners want to share the marital property or are adamant on getting the legal custody of the child then an expert mediator is required. If a divorce case requires specific advice on division of property or spousal support then also an experienced mediator is recommended. As discussed in the above point, the more experienced and specialized a mediator is the more will be his charges.
  • Duration of the case: Generally mediators charge according to the number of sessions or the number of hours that goes in mediation. If the couple compromises easily and quickly then the charges will not be much. However, if the spouses are not ready to compromise and the number of sessions or hours keep on increasing then he cost of meditation increases too.
  • Task of the mediator: If the couple entrust the mediator with the task of filling divorce petition or getting the divorce decree then the fees of mediation increases accordingly.
The average divorce mediation cost in USA is between $100-$300 per session or hour. It should also be noted that a mediator in private practice will charge a little higher than those who are a part of a divorce mediation firm. Divorce mediation cost depends on a number of factors but in general remains lower than that of an adversarial divorce.

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