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Mediation is increasingly becoming a popular way to seek divorce. Trained divorce mediators are too much in demand. Divorce mediation classes are held by law and mediation institutes with a view to produce expert mediators.

Divorce is a complex and painful process. It involves a lot of emotional upheaval on the part of the whole family. The most common way of seeking divorce is litigation. However more and more couples are shifting towards mediation to settle their divorce related dispute. Mediation saves money, time, and energy. It is a simpler process than litigation and does not cause emotional stress the way litigation does.

Mediation as an alternative way to settle dispute exists in society since long. However, in the earlier times mediation was not a systematic a process as the way it is now. In the present times mediation is an organized work area that requires proper knowledge and training. Divorce mediation classes teach a systematic way of divorce mediation along with an overview of counseling, knowledge of family laws, and skill to settle family dispute.

Only after attending formal training in mediation a person can become a certified mediator. Certified mediators are experts in dealing with divorce mediation cases. They have proper knowledge of dealing with divorce related disputes and they are trained in creating a satisfactory divorce agreement agreeable to both the spouses. It is very important that couples who want to go for mediation must select a good and trained mediator. Only a trained mediator can successfully handle the case and make the process of mediation successful. Thus the couple must ensure that the mediator has attended formal divorce mediation classes.

Mediation classes are generally short term classes. There are basic as well as advanced training classes for divorce mediation. Divorce mediation classes are meant for mediators from other fields as well as attorneys who want to get into mediation. These classes are held by mediation institutes or law faculty. Attending divorce mediation classes really helps the mediators in getting a good hold of divorce mediation.

A few training areas offered by divorce mediation classes are:
  • Counseling the couples
  • Handling child custody
  • Child counseling
  • Settling family disputes
  • Economic issues in divorce
  • Legal information on divorce
  • Handling domestic violence issues
  • Facilitative and evaluative skills
  • Helping couples with a parenting plan
  • Drafting a sound and fair divorce agreement
Divorce mediation classes are a combination of theory and practice. Students are taught through case studies and simulation exercises. Role play is organized among the students to provide a feel of actual divorce mediation. Good training programs show real mediation videotapes to the students for giving a better idea of the whole process.

Divorce mediation training that is accredited by The Association for Conflict Resolution is recognized in the field of mediation. Divorce mediation classes offer a good hold for solving the challenges involved in divorce settlement.

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