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While more and more couples are opting for mediation in order to settle divorce they should know that the success of mediation depends a lot on their support. Divorce mediation can be successful only if both the spouses are cooperative and willing to compromise. The success of divorce mediation also depends on the mediator. However the couples must have a divorce mediation checklist to ensure that the process is effective.

A good mediator ensures that the final outcome of the proceedings is perfect but it is the duty of the couple to be agile and attentive on their own part. It is advisable that before getting into the process of mediation the couples sit together and discuss the issues that they want to put before the mediator.

Pre-mediation preparation involves noting down all the details required for mediation. This is important because if the couples are prepared with necessary details they can start and finish the process fast. Rather than gathering details from here and there the couples can straight away start the process of mediation and concentrate on the major issues.

As a preparatory step the couples also must prepare a divorce mediation checklist to ensure that they do not miss out anything important. The checklist can help them to be handy with major issues that they need to discuss with the mediator. Checklist ensures that divorce mediation gets completed on time and the final divorce agreement contains all the issues that are important to the couple.

To help the couples prepare a divorce mediation checklist here are a few tips. The couples must include these points while preparing the checklist:
  1. The checklist must include a list of issues that need to be discussed with the mediator. A few examples are:
    • Child custody
    • Child Support that includes education, healthcare, insurance, and other miscellaneous expenses
    • Child Visitation schedule for through out the year including holidays and vacation
    • Spousal Support along with tax deduction or tax saving
    • Division of marital property
    • Division of tax
    • Division of insurance, gratuity, pension, and so on
    • Division of financial liability
  2. The checklist should include a description of all the marital property that has to be divided among the couple. The present market valuation of the property should also be mentioned in the checklist. Details of buying or acquiring that property should also be mentioned.
  3. If the couple has jointly taken a loan or insurance then the checklist should have full details of the same.
  4. The couple should be fully ready with financial details like their gross and net salary, tax returns, bank balance, and so on.
  5. Details of debt like credit card, or any other loan.
The above mentioned points are very basic issues that should find a place in the checklist for mediation. The couples should take advice from books and read on internet to know more about mediation checklist. Every checklist will be different according to the case and circumstances.

Although you would have provided basic details to your mediator it is better if you are ready with basic as well as minute details. If the couple is ready with divorce mediation checklist it ensures that the sessions with the mediator are productive. Couples can wind up in less number of sessions and ensure that the final divorce agreement is productive for both of them.

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