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The method of mediation to settle divorce is increasing day by day. Couples prefer mediation because it saves time, money, and reduces motional upheaval associated with divorce. Due to increase in demand for divorce mediation services professional institutes are coming up the offer of divorce mediation certification.

When the couples decide to go for mediation the first and foremost task is to look for a good mediator. The mediator should be trained and have proper certificate of his training. Mediation is an organized procedure and needs formal training. Many people think that mediation can be done by anyone without any formal knowledge. However this is not right and good mediators are always formally trained.

Divorce mediation institutes offer various types of training in mediation. There are basic as well as advanced divorce mediation trainings. A basic training will teach a know how of the divorce mediation process. An advance course teaches to solve divorce issues like child custody, division of property, alimony, and so on. Divorce mediation certifications also certify a mediator in psychological counseling of the couples.

Certified mediators become expert in handling the psychological hang ups of the couples. Rather than boasting their ego the mediators encourage the couples to reach a fair compromise. The mediator is a neutral person and works for the benefit of both the spouses. His inclination is balanced towards both the spouses as he is supposed to be an impartial person. Only a trained mediator can handle the couples tactfully and guide the couples towards a peaceful and fair agreement.

Good mediation training not only makes the mediator proficient in playing the role of a facilitator but also teaches him evaluative qualities. A divorce mediator has to play the role of a facilitator and facilitate a good and reasonable agreement among the couple. On the other hand he has to evaluate the temperament of the couples and ensure that one spouse does not dominate the other towards an unfair agreement.

Thus proper mediation training will ensure that the mediator is good at counseling. Apart from this the mediator should have proper knowledge of family and divorce laws. Divorce mediation certification courses must give an overview of the legalities involved in divorce.

Divorce mediation courses also train the mediators in specialized area like child custody, division of property, spousal support, and so on. If a divorce case has a predominant problem in one specified area then a specialist mediator can be of great help.

Divorce mediation certifications are meant for family attorneys or people from mediation background. Generally the certifications are short term or crash courses because they are meant for people of an aligned background. Divorce mediation courses should be done from reputed institutes and the courses should be affiliated by The Association for Conflict Resolution.

A mediator cannot be an expert divorce mediator until and unless he or she has a formal divorce mediation certificate. So for couples going for divorce mediation it is a must to look for a certified divorce mediator.

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