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Divorce is an emotionally taxing affair. It drains the couple out of money, time, and emotional stability. For couples who feel that divorce is the only option left but do not want to get into the litigations involved with divorce, mediation is a good option. There are a number of divorce mediation centers in USA that offer A to Z support related to divorce mediation.

Divorce mediation centers are specialists in dealing with divorce related issues and facilitating a fair divorce settlement among couples. The centers are self sufficient in dealing with all the problems related to divorce. The centers have trained and expert mediators who are good at psychological counseling and also have the required legal information for creating a valid divorce agreement.

The mediators at the divorce mediation centers also assist the couple with parenting issues that are involved in divorce. Many centers hold sessions with parents and children and offer advice regarding how to be good parents after the separation. Jerry was 10 years old and was absolutely shocked to know about his parentsí separation. His parents took him to the mediation center that was holding special session for the kids. After attending a few sessions and meeting with other kids with similar issues, Jerry has regained his confidence. He knew that his parents still loved him although they are not going to stay together.

Divorce mediation center offers a number of advantages to the divorcing couples. Here are a few benefits that the couples can avail from the mediation centers:
  • Advice on mediation and how it can help the couples settle their divorce related issues in a peaceful and amicable manner.
  • Psychological consultation to the couples to remove any communication gap and try to restore the relationship.
  • Psychological consultation to the couples that helps them in regaining their confidence and leaving behind the baggage of their past relations
  • Consultation related to parenting, child custody, and child support.
  • Information related to divorce and family laws of the state.
  • Assistance with filing the divorce and obtaining the final decree from the court.
  • Drafting of the final divorce agreement according to the wish of both the spouses.
Divorce mediation centers are a boon for couples who are actually stressed due to their divorce and do not have much time and money to spend by fighting the case in the court.

Here are a few divorce mediation centers for your reference:

Divorce Mediation Center of Long Island

Divorce Mediation Center of Long Island
101 Hillside Avenue, Ste. D
Williston Park, New York 11596-2334

Divorce Mediation Center of Long Island has almost 20 years of experience in divorce mediation. This center focuses on cooperative parenting and child custody related issues.

The Divorce Mediation Center of Suffolk County

The Divorce Mediation Center of Suffolk County
5036 Jericho Turnpike
Commack, New York

Founded by Alan L. Finkel, a matrimonial attorney, this center has been in the field of divorce mediation since 1998.

Northern California Mediation Center

Northern California Mediation Center
175 North Redwood Drive, Suite 295
San Rafael, CA 94903

Founded way back in 1981 the center offers training programs in mediation, divorce and family mediation services, and collaborative divorce. The center was opened by Joan B. Kelly, an expert in mediation.

Bartholomew and Wasznicky LLP

Bartholomew and Wasznicky LLP
4740 Folsom Blvd
Sacramento, California

This is quite a popular divorce mediation center that specializes in child custody, collaborative law, collaborative custody, and so on.

There are a number of divorce mediation centers in each state of USA. Once the couples make up their mind in favor of mediation they can do research on internet and find a suitable mediation center in their location.

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