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Divorce mediation is very suitable for families with kids. All of us know that divorce by litigation creates a lot of conflict among the spouses which badly affects the children. Divorce custody mediation is particularly used for creating a good parenting plan for children. It is a good effort to protect the child’s future after the parents are divorced.

Sarah and Bill had a nine year old daughter. The couples had huge differences but both loved their daughter equally. When they decided to part their ways they were really worried for their daughter’s future. Both the spouses wanted the custody of the girl. When their family friend interfered and explained the disadvantages of litigation and its ill effects on kids they changed their mind in favor of custody mediation. Sarah and Bill are separated now but are totally satisfied with the custody arrangement of their daughter. The daughter too gets the love and company of both the parents and things are better than it could have been after litigation.

Prudent and wise couples put aside their ego and get ready for divorce custody mediation. In fact more and more couples are opting for mediation rather than litigation to settle divorce related issues. Mediation saves time, money, and efforts. It is an open process where both the spouses participate equally. The mediator is a neutral person who facilitates a fair divorce agreement among the couples. The silver lining is that the personal issues among the couple remain private and do not reach to court room.

Another huge benefit of divorce mediation is that the custody issue is settled with the will of both the parents and thus none is left with any malice or ill-will. On the other hand if the custody settlement is done by the court the couples have no control over it. They have to accept the court’s decree. In such events one spouse can feel scornful and never get united with the other spouse for parenting purposes. Thus many courts order mandatory custody mediation before the couples resort to litigation.

In divorce custody mediation the parents can settle the following issues:
  1. Who will be the legal custodian of the child?
  2. How much child support needs to be paid? This includes all the possible expenses related with the child – education, health, insurance, etc. The parents can also include the provision of increasing the amount as and when child’s needs grow.
  3. A good visitation schedule for the non-custodial parent. This should include holiday, festivals, vacation, and so on.
  4. Any asset that the non custodial parent wants to transfer in the name of the child.
  5. Any modification in the plan after the child is adult or the custodial parent gets re-married.
Parenting plan should be very specific to the need, age, and temperament of the child. There is no standard parenting plan and it depends from case to case. Parents should put aside their ego and think only about the future of the child through divorce custody mediation. The process will be successful only if the parents participate and cooperate with an open mind.

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