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Affordable Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is known to be an economical method of settling divorce. Due to increasing demand for mediation a lot of affordable divorce mediation services are available in the market. The couple has to be prudent in selecting the service that is most affordable as compared to others available in the market.

Divorce mediation that’s affordable

Mediation is a method where marital dispute or divorce related issues are settled with the help of a mediator. The mediator is a neutral person who is fair to both the parties. The mediator helps the couple negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement. As compared to litigation this is a simpler and peaceful process. It is economical because the couple shares the cost of mediation and thus each party ends up paying less than what they would pay in litigation.

The biggest advantage of mediation is that it is quite affordable for couples who cannot spend huge money on litigation. Maria and Bob wanted divorce but were afraid of the expenditure that they will have to churn out as attorney’s fee. Then they came to know about mediation and which seemed quite affordable to them. They instantly started looking for affordable mediation in divorce services in their location. Divorce seemed to be easy for the middle income group couple.

Most of the divorce mediation services are generally affordable. The charges are based on the number of sessions or sittings that the mediator holds with the couple. The overall cost of divorce mediation involves the miscellaneous expenses like drafting the agreement, filling petition, submitting documents, and other sundry works.

Divorce mediation services that need specialized treatment might be a little more expensive than the basic services. For example if the couple needs assistance in creating a good parenting plan, division of property and finances, settlement of debt, then the cost might be a little higher. In that case the couple needs a mediator who has the required training in dealing with that special issue.

Sandra and James decided to go for divorce mediation. They had two children and were quite concerned with parenting issues. The couple chose a mediator who had special training in creating parenting plan. They had to pay a little extra for a specialized mediator but still the cost of mediation was lesser than what litigation could have caused.

Due to a number of divorce mediation services one has to be careful in selecting the most affordable one. Moreover the service should be complete in itself so that the couple does not have to pay anything over and above the mediation cost. Affordable divorce mediation should include miscellaneous cost as well. If the couple has to pay for filling the petition, or drafting divorce agreement over and above the mediation fee then it might turn out to be a costly affair.

Proper short listing criteria and intensive research can help the couple select affordable divorce mediation service. Internet, yellow pages, and “word of mouth” reference can serve as good sources of a sound divorce mediation service.

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