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Family and Divorce Mediation

Divorce is tormenting not only for the couples but also for the family. Every member of the family especially kids are affected by the heat of conflict between the spouse. Mediation is considered a peaceful way to settle divorce related issues. Family and divorce mediation go hand in hand. Mediation as a way to settle divorce is considered positive for the family.

The role of mediation is to minimize the conflict and bring the couples to a reasonable agreement when they are separating. Divorce mediation is a boon for couples with family of kids or parents. The process of mediation saves the whole family from the embarrassment of fighting the case in the court room and becoming a butt of ridicule in the society.

Shela and James had a 16 year old girl. They wanted to get divorced because Shela had an extra marital relationship. However both the spouses appreciated the fact that fighting the divorce case is going to be embarrassing for their young daughter. They wanted to save their grown-up daughter from public embarrassment. Thus the couple decided in favor of mediation. They knew that through mediation they can keep the cause of their divorce a secret. Mediation would also help the couple maintain a minimum respect for each other and thus save their daughter from feeling unsecured and helpless.

Mediation saves not only the couple but also the extended family from the emotional and social complications involved in divorce. Martha had a very old mother and she was really perturbed with the news that Martha is going to get divorced. The old lady was a heart-patient and stress was fatal for her. Martha could not avoid divorce but she requested her partner to settle divorce related issues through mediation. She knew that fighting for divorce would take a long time and also be stressful for her mother. With the help of mediation she could save her old mother form the heat of divorce. Her sessions with the mediator were private and she was never required to step in the court room for arguing her cause.

In most of the divorce cases the couples become egoistic and lose their tolerance. They want to win the case in their favor and are ready to go to any extent for this. In many cases they take steps that might prove very negative for the family as a whole. However in mediation such situation can never arise as it is meant for settling conflicts in a peaceful and positive manner.

Family and divorce mediation are positively linked to each other because mediation never leaves the family bitter. If the couples approach the court for divorce settlement they are left with no option but to accept the divorce decree. If one of the spouses is unhappy with the agreement pronounced by the court he or she continues to stay unhappy. This might weaken the link between the divorcee and his or her child. The role of mediation is to strike a balance between the demands of both the couples. Mediators encourage the couples to feel positive about the divorce agreement and continue links with their kids and family.

Divorce mediation is quite healthy for family. Mediation should be preferred over litigation for couples with family.

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