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Divorce is the segregation of two souls which is a breach of the marriage vows taken at the time of wedding in front of the Almighty. The separation can be tormenting and torturous for those involved as well as their family which suffers with the collapse of a ecosystem.

The inevitable decision of two people sharing one life being divorced should be handled with prudence and patience. The causes and the repercussions of the separation are to be studied carefully. The uncontrollable feelings associated with divorce are varied and bemusing. For the comfort of the couples, Divorce Mediation related articles below will help couples to evaluate the causes and after effects of their painful decision without being trapped in the mazy structure and procedure of the court of law. This section of our website site explores the advantages and disadvantages of Divorce Mediation which is a recent phenomenon in U.S.A, and is gradually catching up in Europe with its viability and low monetary impact.

We provide you with the basic details on the subject of mediation and how it is conducted. This is a method which in many cases brings back the sunken couples together during the sessions with the Mediator. A couple interested in divorce should introduce a mediator in between to break down the wall of misunderstanding and forsaken love. The sessions with the mediator may bring back the old romance and help with issues like child custody, property rites, transactions of bank accounts, alimony and responsibilities of the couple towards their family, post-divorce. We welcome you to Divorce Mediation section of our website.

This section will talk about mediation to settle divorce related issues:

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