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Advice For Selecting Divorce Lawyer

The success of a divorce case depends to an extent on the competence of the lawyer. If you are able to select a suitable lawyer to fight your case half the job is done. Although the market is full of attorneys, selecting the most suitable one is not an easy task. Here we are going to share a few advices for selecting a divorce lawyer.

Divorce is a very sensitive situation. If you feel that your divorce is not going to be much complicated and both of you agree on most of the issues then you can appoint a lawyer to fight your case. But if your divorce case is contested over the matters of child custody or finance, then you need to look for an experienced lawyer who has expertise to take care of your special needs.

Many couples already have prenuptial agreements that take care of most of the things while the marriage is breaking. But for couples who have not entered any financial agreement before tying the knot, or those totally unprepared to face divorce, a good lawyer is a must.

Criteria For Selecting Divorce Lawyer:
  1. Cost: Divorce lawyers are highest paid lawyers. Thus affordability is the prime issue while selecting a lawyer. You have to assess your capacity to pay the lawyer. Lawyers who are specialists in solving financial and child custody issues charge more fees. Most of it depends on the severity of your case and your capacity to pay.
  2. Return On Investment: People who have lots of property and asset need a specialized lawyer who can undertake the complicated task of dividing everything. It is justified to keep expensive lawyers for people who will receive huge property after winning the divorce case. But for couples with almost nothing to divide, except a house and some financial savings, it does not make sense to invest million dollars in a lawyer. It is because what they get at the end will be quite lesser than what they have spent on hiring that expensive lawyer.
  3. Comfort Level: Divorce is a sensitive issue. While discussing the case with your attorney you will have to talk about the most personal issues. If the lawyer is empathetic towards your feelings he can better understand the case and offer meaningful help. So choose the lawyer with whom you feel comfortable sharing good and bad details of your relationship. Be frank with your lawyer.
  4. Experience and Background: With the availability of numerous options it is actually difficult to judge the credibility of a lawyer. We must analyze the experience and background of the lawyer. He shouldn’t be any general lawyer but a specialist in dealing with divorce cases. The lawyer should have the full understanding of divorce laws in different states of US. If your case has complicated child custody or financial issues, then go for the attorney whose area of interest lie in the respective field.
  5. Family Lawyer: If you have a family lawyer who knows everything about your assets and property then it is wise to hire him for fighting your case. In many cases the family lawyer is also the one who did prenuptial agreements at the time of your marriage. Such lawyers can help you better. There can only be one hitch in selecting the family lawyer and that is your inability to frankly discuss with him, the bad aspects of your marriage. So please avoid the family lawyer if your comfort level is not good with him.
Keeping the above-mentioned divorce lawyer advice in mind you can search the web, newspaper ads, law magazines, and other sources in order to select a good lawyer to fight your divorce case.

Here are a few tips to make a good selection:
  • Have a look at the attorney’s website to know his/her credentials. The website will tell you in detail regarding the type of client and cases he/she has dealt with.
  • Take reference from your family and friends. This is the best source of knowing the merit of a lawyer.
  • Check the lawyer’s experience in terms of his total years of practice. Also try to find out his success rate.
  • Ask the lawyer how he can particularly help you win the case.
Although selecting divorce attorney is a tricky procedure, taking a few careful steps can ensure that you get a good attorney. Only a competent attorney can take you out of the mess that divorce has created for you. Our divorce lawyer advice to you is to invest reasonable time and effort in looking for a good lawyer who can ensure a fair settlement.

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