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When two adults decide to terminate their married relationship and pursue legal annulment, this is divorce. The entire divorce proceedings are painful and often traumatic. Nevertheless, couples vie it as a step to rid themselves of a much painful relationship. In such circumstances, it is wise for the partners who are planning for a divorce to know about divorce laws of their state.

But, why do we have divorce laws at all?

When there is any conflict of opinions, it is very natural that both the parties might indulge in an unfair game. To avoid any injustice, we have divorce laws. A gamut of divorce laws ensure that justice is prevailed and conflicting humans do not infringe the rights of the other simply because they do not agree on a majority of matters.

Divorce laws in USA

Divorce laws in USA encompass laws on alimony, laws regarding property distribution in divorce, residential laws in divorce, child custody laws, child support laws and grounds on which divorce can be granted (often called as “grounds of divorce”). Though the majority of divorce laws across the states of USA are the same, yet there are slight differences. Laws of divorce especially related to child custody and property distribution may vary among the states.

It is seen that some states allow conversion divorce, meaning, if the couples have been living separately for a considerable period of time (that amount of time being unique for each state), then they are automatically entitled for a legal divorce. However, this is not true in other states which merely consider this as legal separation and the couples are still “married” to each other. Similarly, some states in the USA allow couples a divorce on no-fault, also called as no-fault divorce. Here, couples need not produce evidences to show adultery as indulged by their spouses. Many states do not accept a no-fault divorce, however!

Hence, it is imperative for you to know the laws of divorce in your state and the chances you have of perhaps getting spousal support, alimony or even child custody and support.

Divorce laws in every state of America is different from other states. Every state has its own divorce laws. To find the laws in your state, just click on the link below:

Divorce Laws for Each And Every State

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