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Role of Family court counselors in Australia

There are a number of children in Australia that are involved in divorce and separation in Australia. The court hearings have a negative effect on the tender minds and it is better if courts can be eliminated all together. The court counselors help the children and take care that the child is not affected by the court proceedings.

Family court counselors

Family court counselors are the officers appointed by the court. There are psychologists, social workers and legal advisors who work as counselors. They use their experience and knowledge to their service as court counselors. It is compulsory for court proceedings involved children to have a conference with the family counselors.

Role of family court counselors

The family court counselors play a very important role during separation and divorce in Australia. Especially, when children are involved in divorce and separation, the counselors conduct conferences between the spouses two parties involved in divorce. The meetings are ordered by the courts for the welfare of the children involved. All these conferences and meetings bring about a understanding between the parties involved. The Family counselor is mandatory in all the court proceedings involved.

The child can be represented separately in the case of divorce and separation. This can be done under the section 65 of the Act. This separate representation of the child may be due to courts motion or application to the court by the person or organization interested in the child’s welfare.

The separate representation is ordered by the courts in cases where the partners are not on good terms and the negativity affects the welfare of the child. The court counselors then come into picture and help make the arrangements for the children. They are familiar with the children and can make correct judgments for the care and support of the child. They can order for any information that may be needed for counseling. They take decisions by remaining completely neutral and all this benefits the child. The court counselors can thus take decisions without getting involved in the situations and can make analysis as a third person.

The counselors get to help only when the disputes come to the court. In reality, very few cases come to the courts for hearing. In many cases, the parents agree mutually with matters regarding the arrangements for children. In these cases, the courts just look into matters and see if the arrangements are satisfactory and are followed.

All the arrangements regarding the child care and maintenance is mentioned in the divorce application. In case the judge is not satisfied with the child care arrangements, the divorce is not absolute.

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