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The irretrievable breakage of marriage is called as divorce. It implies terminating all the marital responsibilities and bonds. Apart from getting divorced, there are also quiet a number of couples who get separated in terms of Australian law but there divorce is never considered formal. Just a small number of couples come under this category.

Major reasons of divorce in Australia

There are a number of reasons that contribute to a couple opting for a divorce. Some of the major reasons are mentioned here.

Culture: The culture of a place determines the rate of divorce. Many a times open culture where divorce is accepted shows a higher rate of divorce in the society. The acceptance of divorce very easily leads to increase in divorce which feeds the cycle. Divorce rates are less in a conservative society. The provision for no fault divorce in Australia has accelerated the divorce rates of the region.

Lack of communication: Lack of proper communication among partners creates a lot of misunderstandings. This leads to difference of opinions and misunderstandings which drifts the couple apart.

Incompatibility: A major reason behind the divorce of a couple is abusive behavior, personal traits, sexual incompatibility of a spouse.

Education: Mindset becomes secular due to education. The rate of divorce is higher among the educated than the uneducated. This is due to the fact that there is financial independence in the higher class which leads to less dependency. The confidence of leading a life without being dependent makes it easy for an individual to divorce.

Infidelity: This is the main reason for divorce as it causes betrayal and lost of trust and affection in partners.

Financial problems: Financial insecurity causes lower self-esteem, stress and depression. There are issues of authority and power related to finances. These result in increased tensions in the family and have a negative impact on marital life which ultimately leads to divorce.

Other pressures: Mental and physical health increases the stress factor and depression in a marriage. Tension is created in the marital life and it leads to dissatisfaction and the off-shoot of which is seen in the form of divorce.

Divorce rates in Australia

The indicators of divorce in Australia are the state divorces and national divorces. The divorce rate in Australia is decreasing every year after 2001, the year in which it was reported to be the highest. The past divorce trends in Australia are as follows:

Age specific divorce rates in Australia

Age specific divorce rates refer to the divorces in a particular age group of men and women. Age specific divorce rates also depend on the age of marriage. The randomly selected result of the year 2007 shows that the rate of divorce was higher for females of the age 35-39 years. In the case of men the rate was, highest for the age group 40-44 years.

Divorce rates according to different Australian states and territories

The divorce rate varies in different states of Australia. Broadly, higher rate of divorce was in seen in New South Wales followed by Victoria and Queensland. Northern Territory had the lowest rate of divorce and Tasmania was at the second position for lowest divorce rates.

In all, you must have got a clear cut idea about what basically is the trend which is being followed in Australia when it comes to divorce.

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