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How to make changes in child support in Australia

It is the moral responsibility of every parent to provide child support to their children. This is more so when the child is staying with the other parent and the family is facing separation and divorce. You may be paying your child support as per the child calculators in Australia. But you will have to consider the change in circumstances over some period of time. Your circumstances may not be the same and over a period of time, they may change like your income may increase or decrease, your address may change, you may have other responsibilities, etc. So this article is an attempt to guide you for any changes regarding the child support that a parent need to undergo if the divorce takes place in Australia.

The Child support Agency plays an active role in the child support in Australia. You will have to inform the Child support agency office in your area about the changes. You can also inform the Family assistance office about any change in your circumstances. The changes may be about:

  1. Child support amount
  2. Tax benefit(family tax part A)
  3. Child is no more in your care
  4. You have a new partner
  5. Any change in income (increase or decrease)

Changes in income and child support

In case there is any change in your income the child support amounts are calculations go wrong. You should lodge your income tax returns in time every year to get correct child support amounts. You will have to lodge an estimate of your current taxable income. In this matter, you can request to base your child support on an adjusted taxable income. This can be done in the below mentioned circumstances:

  1. Request adjusted taxable income for a year or lodged your tax return and informed the agency about it
  2. Your present adjusted taxable income has reduced by 15 % or more
  3. Present adjusted taxable income has increased by 15% or more
  4. You have lodged an estimate more than two months back and the new estimate is different

You cannot lodge an estimate for your child assessment in certain circumstances. If your child support assessment is based on any of the following:

  1. Agreement of child support
  2. Determination is made under change in assessment process
  3. A court order regarding the child support.

Changes in child care arrangements:

It will always help you to have a written parenting plan, an agreement or a court order regarding child care. When there are any changes, it will give you more flexibility and you will not have to worry about the new care arrangements. The child care level can be used to calculate the new child support amount.

Child support and change of address:

The change in address may cause some change in child support amount if it increases the expenses of maintaining contact with the child. This is more so if you are shifting overseas. It is very important that you inform the CSA about any change in your address to get any important information from it. You can fill a form for change in address giving complete details.

You need to inform about any change in the circumstances as it affects you and your child directly. Incase the information used is wrong; the child support is calculated wrongly. You may end up paying less or more child support. It will help to make the changes in your situation official to avoid further complications. The repayment arrangement of your child support can be easily made and it will leave you carefree and happy in the end.

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