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How Australian family courts take care of privacy regarding personal information

The Australian Law has gifted you with a very important right- Right to privacy. This is guaranteed by the Privacy Act of 1988. The Family courts in Australia respect your privacy regarding your information. There is a privacy statement that informs you about the information that relates to you. It enlists all the information that concerns you.

Need of family courts for having personal information

The family courts deal with your personal issues. It requires information to identify the person. It also needs information to resolve the family disputes. The information is needed to track cases and records of the case. The case tracker is used to get all the information in one go. All the information obtained for judicial purpose is protected under the Family Law Act. According to the section 121, your personal information is not published but protected.

The information is required for a number of administrative things. These include; the day to day management of the courts. You can see the documents in case you feel.

The Family courts may give access to information under the Freedom of information. The decision regarding the information is taken by the Administrative Appeals tribunal. The decision is final and cannot be over ruled. If there is any person or an Agency, that requires your personal information, it is provided only if there is any authority. The court cannot deny information to any one who can legally ask for it.

The family courts use personal information to evaluate the courtís functioning. Personal information is also used to locate a child, or any other similar purpose. The information may be used to give feed back and respond to any queries. These complains may be of human rights, equal opportunities or any other who need the information for official purposes.

Information sharing by the family courts in Australia is two way. The Agencies involved in child support seek information from the courts. This is needed so that the agency can assist in court matters. The court counselors give information to the child protection agencies.

Magellan project

The Magellan project refers to the sharing of information the formal way. It relates to the protocols and is followed by the family courts and child protection agencies. This related to cases that include serious issues like child abuse or any other issued relating to children and families.

Under this approach, when the court knows of the abuse or any serious allegation, it may ask a child protection agency to interfere. The state agency or a territory agency then may help you and do some findings. The reports are then put before the courts and it contains the findings as called as the Magellan project report. It also contains all the things related to the case like:

  1. The history of abuse
  2. Notifications
  3. Action taken by the child protection agency

Thus, you can feel safe about the personal information with courts in Australia. They respect the privacy of every individual. The information cannot be misused.

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