The Divorce process

Divorce is an extremely unsettling process, which needs to be worked out well in advance for success. Divorce can be filed at least after a year of staying together in some states. While you file for divorce, you must have appropriate grounds for divorce.

You must have grounds for divorce, which should be thereafter proved in courts. The divorce proceedings can only start after proper evidence against your husband.

Some grounds under which you can file for divorce against your husband are-

  1. Your husband deserted or abandoned you at least two years ago.
  2. You husband if he agrees for a divorce after living separately for two years or more.
  3. If you have been living separately for five years
  4. If your husband has committed adultery and you cant live with the same person any longer.
  5. If your husbandís behaviour has worsened, since the time you got married.

The divorce process-

Write up a divorce decree: Writing a divorce decree is the very first step which is involved in the divorce process. You would require to find a legal attorney to write in the decree. If you wish not wasting much money, you can write the decree yourself.

File the divorce: You would have to complete this process with the help of your attorney. If you find it a better option to file for divorce yourself, you can it do so by going to the courthouse.

Have the petitioner or the respondent served: Having the respondent served well by the professional process server would make it an easy step in the divorce filing. If you are comfortable serving the papers on your own, you can save up some money.

Get legal assistance (respondent): It would be most suitable to seek professional legal advice, if you have been served with divorce papers.

Temporary hearing for the couple: During the temporary hearing a temporary agreement would be made to set things in proper order. During the temporary hearing issues in regard to alimony, custody, debts, visitation, martial belongings are settled.

Mediation for the couple: Mediation is required if there no agreement on either sides. During mediation things or issues are settled on 50/50 basis. You would have to make a list of all the items, which would like to get hold of.

Pre-trial for the couple: During the process of pre-trial, you have to make a list of witnesses and evidence which would prove things in your favour. During this process it would be determined if your case would be moving further for the trial session.

Trial for the couple: During this process the case would be presented in the court, witnesses would be called and questioned. During trial evidence would be taken into consideration and the case would be decided by the judge.

Divorce granted for the couple: When you have been granted divorce you can put the entire episode behind and start afresh.

There are some marriages and relationships which break down. While going through divorce, you would have to be strong while dealing and coming to terms with this decision.