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Steps of divorce

Couples, when they decide to get married they are hoping for a lifelong commitment. They are visualizing a really rosy picture. But sadly this is not always the case. Divorce sometimes comes about as a decision to end a lifelong commitment.

It does not matter how long you have been married, it could be 5 years or 25 years. A couple can call it quits for a number of reasons. The reasons for divorce could be many ranging for disloyalty, abuse, abandonment and lack of trust.

On divorce -

Everybody wants to save time and money. So itís not surprising that all the couples seeking divorce want it done fast with the least amount of time and money spent. Long drawn divorces should be avoided because they cause unnecessary pain and agony. Couples seeking fast divorce can get it by following a few simple rules and requirements from the state they are residing in.

Steps of divorce -

Divorce laws vary a little from state to state. To be eligible for divorce in a particular state, one has to be a resident of that state for a specific number of months or years.

Summary action can be used to dissolve a marriage of 5 years or less. Certain requirements have to be met when couples file a joint petition for summary dissolution of marriage.

You can file for a no fault divorce on the grounds for reconcilable differences.

In certain states, a couple can file for a no irremediable break-up of a marriage which is helpful in getting a quick divorce.

In divorces where there are children involved on has to make sure to get proper advice for child custody from a reputed attorney who can make sure everything goes according to the law.

Steps used for the divorce process are as follows-

Lawsuit initiated- When the lawsuit begins, attorney of the spouse who initiated the divorce prepares for the start-up documents. These documents are called summons.

Initial or preliminary requests- If you have not demanded for request in the beginning of the lawsuits, you can do so now. Issues which can be put forward are- child support, temporary custody and alimony.

Preliminary conferences- In some states the first conference is scheduled within 45 days, from the day the case starts. During the conference both the parties and their attorneys would appear before the judge to settle some issues and time duration for the case.

Breakthrough or discovery- During the discovery process, information is collected from both the parties in relation with the case. The same information is collected through- oral examinations and written questions.

Pre-trial conferences- During the pre-trial conferences the judge makes sure that the discovery is actually complete and all the issues involving both the parties are listed.

Thereafter the divorce process involves- pre trial filings, trial, post trial, judgement and appeal.

By taking a few effective steps for divorce, you can make sure that your divorce is easy for yourself as a woman, without making things ugly and unreasonable.

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