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Divorce Guide

Starting over after divorce

Divorce is devastating event; divorce has the capability to shatter ones inner strength and well being. After your divorce is through, you would have to try and heal yourself.

While starting over after divorce, you must always remember that change is inevitable. To tide over divorce you would have to cope with anger, fear, grief and confusion.

You must take time out to rest, re-evaluate your situation and re-group.

Starting over after divorce-

Personal journal: Start with a personal journal. In your personal journal you must pen down all your feelings, questions and observation about your life and your children. While writing your journal, you must be open to new ideas and thoughts. Set some time aside everyday to be with yourself and your journal. Review your journal after a week and see how things change for the better.

Start over: One of the best and the first action you can take is to remove your husbands stuff from your life. Avoid keeping anything that reminds of you ex-husband in the place you reside. Hand over his favourite chair or table. Give him all his memorabilia from family sports, hobbies and high school events. Start over with a fresh start; avoid being reminded of your past and your husband.

Join a support group: When you join a support group you would have chances of interacting with new people. You would get a chance to meet people who are going through with divorce or who are healing themselves from the hurts of divorce. You would get encouragement with a support group and you can also learn to cope with tension and stress.

Get a hold on your friendships: Know your true friends after divorce. You would come across friends who would like to help you and some friends who would like to help you with your situation. After divorce there would be friends who may not be comfortable with you. Some would also feel that your divorce would threaten their marriage. Some would also feel jealous of your new found freedom or independence to do what you want to. During this time you should not take any offence from your friends. Be around your true friends who would help you deal with your situation and the emotional turmoil you are going through. When you have a true friend you can preserve your sanity.

Some tips to progress after divorce are-

  1. Prepare to overcome would -be obstacles
  2. Ensure you have a goal which is achievable and realistic
  3. Discover any skills you would require to achieve your aim
  4. Receive support; others should know that you want to change
  5. Continue to remain clear on your motivation for the change
  6. Make an action plan and make it into achievable steps

You should always remember after divorce you would have to help yourself to let go of the past along with negative emotions and emotional baggage. When you choose to let go, you can move ahead without carrying burdens of your past life. You can achieve your goals without looking back.

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