Signing divorce papers

Divorce is torturous process which has to come to an end. Divorce is mentally disturbing for the spouse filing for divorce as well as for the spouse who receives the divorce papers. Signing divorce papers is one of the final steps, which would bring an end to the divorce process.

Though sometimes people feel getting done with a divorce is to sign the divorce papers as soon as possible and carry on with their lives. One should never sign divorce papers in a hurry. You should read the divorce papers well and understand what is mentioned in the papers.

You should sign the legal documents after reading the entire content and acknowledging the same.

Signing divorce papers- steps involved-

While signing divorce papers you would require- notary public, ID and a blue ink pen.

Step one: Read all the terms and conditions mentioned in the divorce papers. If you disagree on anything mentioned in the papers, voice your dissent over the same. If you donít agree on any aspect mentioned in the papers, you must try and negotiate to reach on what is suitable to you. Reading the documents is a very important step, prior to signing the papers, since after you sign there would not be any looking back.

Step two: It is important that you sign the divorce papers before a notary public. All legal documents must be signed before a notarizing officer. It would be required by you to show the notary public some of form if identification, which can be in the form of your drivers license or even your social security card, which work as verification towards your identity. The notary public, after seeing that you have signed the papers, would later affix a seal to the divorce papers verifying that you signed before him. The notary officer would be the witness that you signed the papers, which would in turn prevent any questioning about the same.

Step three: While signing you must make sure that you date your signature by providing the month, day and year of signing the divorce papers. Divorce papers in no aspect can be post-dated or predated when you sign to ensure their accuracy.

Step four: It would be necessary to use blue ink for signing the divorce papers. Courts and firms prefer blue ink to make it an easier option to recognize the original copy from photocopies.

All legal documents would contain some standards, especially when it comes to divorce or state laws in the state you are residing in. It would be wise to seek guidance and help from a legal attorney, as he would be able to guide you through the entire divorce process.

Divorce papers are a very important aspect when you have decided to dissolve your marriage. Either you can file the papers yourself or get your lawyer to do the same. Make sure you are completely honest with your lawyer, to avoid complications. If you equip your lawyer with truthful knowledge, he would be better equipped to handle your case.