Pre-divorce advice

Divorce is a difficult issue legally, socially and morally. Before making up your mind for a divorce it would advisable to think correctly, since your life would not remain the same after divorce. You should always bear in mind that divorce problems are not legal, they are mostly personal.

If you are absolutely sure of getting a divorce, you must meet your attorney and sought out things. It is wise to receive professional help, since your attorney would be able to give you relevant advice.

Pre divorce advice-

Professional help: Get professional counseling in regard to divorce. Professionals have both experience and credibility. Your counselor would help you make a matured decision. With professional assistance you can either stick by your decision of getting a divorce or maybe reconsider working out your marriage.

Pre-divorce checklist-

Comprehend your financial standing: If you’re relying on your husband for support, you would have to make yourself secure. You would have to settle a down a few things in regard to finances, children and adjust to new surroundings.

Finances: After you separate from your husband, you would have to think about how you would be supporting yourself financially and your children. If your husband has assets and wages, you can ask for support. If you depend on your husband for paying bills, talk to your husband about the same. Tell your husband that you would require time to stabilise your income. Get a temporary agreement in writing which would reassure you about the money.

Your attorney should know of all the finances you have, including credit card statements, bank accounts, insurance plans, retirement plans, liabilities, joint and individual assets. You would be more prepared if you know as to how your finances would be divided. Find ways of earning for securing yourself, you would not be able to depend on your friends and family for too long.

Child support and custody: After deciding on your divorce, you must inform your children about the same. You should ensure that your child is stable emotionally. Laws in regard to child support and custody should be understood by your attorney. You should plan before hand as to where your child would be staying.

Contact an attorney: Since you are on going in for divorce, it would be easier if you get an attorney. A competent attorney would take hold of all your legal requirements and legal documents which would be helpful for your case. It would be necessary to tell your attorney everything about your married life and the reason why you want to call it quits. You should be comfortable and at ease with your attorney.

Instead of carrying on with a traumatic or a failed marriage, it would be better to call it quits, which in turn would be better for your husband and yourself.

You should always bear in mind that divorce is your decision and it is not any easy step. You should only decide on divorce after proper planning while being rational. Avoid being emotional, as it can jeopardize all you’re planning and thought process.